Utility Reading Software

The Utility Reading module operates in a similar fashion to other modules, retaining consistency throughout the TabsCAFM module suite.

Through integration with the Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) modules, the system has the ability to schedule tasks to record utility readings against each meter (asset).

As an additional feature, any invoice details provided by suppliers can be recorded against each meter for monitoring or referencing.

simple utility reading management

How it works

Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tasks can be scheduled to record Utility Meter Readings. Readings are captured and entered into the system either as a manual entry or through the Go mobile application. All meter readings are stored against assets contained in the Asset Management module. Selecting the asset from the main Utility Readings screen will filter the screen to show the actual readings recorded. The main screen is able to filter meters depending by type or building. Date ranges can also be applied.

intuitive workflow

Who uses Utility Reading Software?

Utility Reading software is generally used with the Facilities Management arena to track and monitor energy and resource consumption from meter readings such as water, gas and electricity. Those wish to retain meter data and associated service billing may benefit from this unique solution.

water, gas and electricity meter data capture

TabsGo Mobile Software

The Go mobile app enables users to capture meter readings direct from location, rather than having to upload the data when back at base..

available on iOS, Android and Win 6.5


The utility reading solution integrates with:

Key Features

  • Collate Utility Meter Readings
  • Generate, Print and Email Reports
  • Associated Energy Supplier Invoices
  • Easy-to-Use Application
  • Create PPM Schedules for Data Collection
  • Integration with Asset Register
  • Improve Accuracy & Efficiency
  • Task Integration for Labour Management
  • Secure Centralised Data Source
  • Consistent Interface Design
  • CAFM/CMMS Utility Reading Facilities Management SoftwareUtility

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