What Is TabsDEU?

TabsDEU (Data Export Utility) is a unique and innovative solution to support the integration of business critical data with alternative specialist software products. Leveraging the TabsCAFM database, the TabsDEU provides and efficient and cost-effective route for users export related information into a user friendly format suitable for many other software applications.

The product is an external tool which does not require users to have experience of the core TabsCAFM product suite. Therefore making it an ideal solution for those who focus solely on the financial element of operations.

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What Data Can Be Exported?

The main focus of the TabsDEU is to support the transfer of financial information for leading accounts packages. Users of the tool can export financial information such as Sales Invoices, Sales Credits, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credits.

Options are provided to custom select data header fields (cost centres, nominal codes, values, dates etc) and date ranges. Exported data is outputted into an simple Excel file to enable import into your finance package.

TabsDEU can export data for the following select modules.

Key Features

  • Quick & Efficient Data Export Solution
  • Cost Effective Approach to Data Sharing
  • Ideal for Financial Controllers
  • TabsCAFM Experience Not Necessary
  • Reduce Risk of Manual Errors
  • Increase Productivity
  • No Limitation on Data Exports
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