Software Finance and Leasing

Leasing is one of the most efficient and rational options for funding computer equipment and software. It's a method that gives the User a flexible and cost-effective means of keeping pace with technology, while enhancing our product offering.

Leasing provides budgetary control, predictability and enhanced cash flow at a time when developments in IT are continually shortening equipment life cycles and speeding up obsolescence. Flexibility of financing is becoming a company's number one concern.

Tabs FM is able to offer flexible and tax efficient solutions to encompass all aspects of our proposal. A package, which includes the total system, software, support and services.

Your new system can be upgraded or added to at any time without incurring interest penalties, providing a method to fully exploit today's rapidly changing technology. Facilities can be arranged over one to five-year periods.

Finance Lease Rental

A Finance Lease Rental is the most popular lease option available due to its flexibility and financial benefits. The equipment is paid for over its expected working life and options are provided to upgrade if and when required. Tax allowance of 100% is applied to the repayments, making it exceptionally cost-effective.

The only security required is the equipment itself and usually no deposit is required. VAT is payable on repayments.

Software-Only Finance

Traditionally software, support and services have fallen outside the remit of bank based finance companies due to licensing laws and tax implications. Tabs FM have developed a method of overcoming such problems and are able to offer a tax deductible finance lease rental on all proposals, right up to 100% software, support &services.

If you were to Lease all Hardware, Software & Installation, the cost per month (based on the cash price of £16,953.00 ex VAT) would be £560.30 + VAT. This is based on a three year profile. A document fee of £125.00 is also due with the first payment.

This is subject to acceptance by the leasing company and based on a three-year basis.

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