Posted 18th February 2019

TabsEthos - the next evolution of TabsCAFM software

In 1992 Tabs FM set out with a mission statement to develop a Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution based on a set of core beliefs. The ‘Ethos’ was to provide both the Facilities and Service Management industries with a ‘Technologically Advanced and Functionally Brilliant’ CAFM solution. This still holds true today.

The TabsCAFM solution has naturally evolved over the years, working in close partnership and collaboration with our rapidly expanding client base and coupled with market research. The thoughts and ideas are pooled into a centralised solution that benefits all TabsCAFM users.

Technologically Advanced

As technology continues to evolve, so does the TabsCAFM solution. Over the years there have been many changes to the suite of Tabs FM products available, to leverage advances in technology. The days of simple forms, basic interactions and designs are long gone, as many new opportunities are available from a technical perspective. To which the TabsCAFM solution has embraced and adapted to these changes.

In a world full of new development frameworks, security enhancements, new possibilities for human-computer interaction, API integration and of course hardware and networking solutions, Tabs FM have always looked to embrace new opportunities. In recent years, Tabs FM have invested heavily in research and development to re-engineer its suite of products to improve the user experience, performance, security, as well as adding new elements within the CAFM system to expand the reach of the product base. A summary of which have been listed below:

  • Web – rebuilt to use improved frameworks to enable mobile responsive elements. Clients/customer/contractors can interact with the self-service tool via any desktop or mobile device
  • Outlook – improving accessibility and usability by introducing Outlook integration for room bookings
  • Signage – enabling the facility to manage meeting room attendance in real-time and book on demand from any room-based tablet devices
  • View – mobile friendly performance and analytics dashboard to provide instant access to critical business data
  • Integration – integration with third party finance, building design and other CAFM products, including Tabs-to-Tabs integration
  • Go – Tabs Go apps have evolved from old Psion and Windows devices to more contemporary Android and iOS devices to allow for greater consumer choice

The biggest element remaining in this process is the next evolution of the Core management system. The Core management system is now on its fourth rebuild. Starting life as an Access based application and adapting through the years inline with Microsoft Access releases, the system was rebuilt using alternative desktop technology (WPF). The emergence and desire for web-based solutions prompted a major change to cutting edge Silverlight technology which offered a vast array of possibilities (both from a security element and user interaction). Sticking to the core beliefs, the Core management system has been rebuilt using an even greater, more flexible and more supported solution. Welcome to HTML5…the Tabs Ethos release.

There has been a massive research and development project in recent years to bring this HTML5 solution to our clients. Still remaining true to a web-based offering, the new HTML5 management system will bring with it even greater opportunities for us all. Namely, multi-browser support and mobile responsive elements.

All of the Tabs FM products will continue to be technically enhanced as more options become available and the products move into new areas within the Facilities and Service arenas, driven collaboratively, by our supporting client base and market research.

Functionally Brilliant

Aside from a commitment to provide a technologically advanced solution, an element which is often not fully understood by end-users, the Tabs system will continue to be "Functionally Brilliant". Achieving functional brilliance across a product includes many facets.

Speed - Making things quicker saves on time to improve productivity and improves performance. One of the key techniques to achieve this is to make user actions one step quicker. A technique Tabs FM continue to employ, and which is clearly visible in the Silverlight version.

Usability - Usability is another core element to achieve functional brilliance. Ensuring that interfaces are consistent, forms are well laid out and the system is easy to navigate, enhance the user experience so that more of the product can be embraced. This is a key process in the design/workflow of the products.

Accuracy – Functional brilliance is only good if the data is accurate. TabsCAFM comprises of workflows and validation to aid users in collating and managing accurate data. Later relied on for reporting.

Functionality – Without appropriate functionality, the above elements are irrelevant. The Ethos of Tabs FM is to introduce collaborative functionality in to a centralised system for the benefit of all clients.

There are far too many functional changes to list here. Many of the functional changes relate to new modules, new reports, improved workflows, greater security/data protection, improved customer experience, greater flexibility and control over contractor access. With the technological changes already complete or nearing completion, and subject to adapting to any future technological advances, the system will continue to evolve as it always has done to offer improvements in functionality.


To summarise, the interfaces offered by the TabsCAFM solution have been massively improved to allow greater control, security and cross-browser capability. Couple this with the ever-evolving functionality, the TabsCAFM solution will continue to go from strength-to-strength and provide the perfect CAFM platform for any Facilities Management department or provider of Facilities and Maintenance Services.

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