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Tabs News...

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tabs FM Newsletter.

You will note a slightly modified format for this edition and hope it makes for easy reading.

We have been extremely busy during the 2nd quarter, particularly with bespoke development work for clients, system upgrades and training refresher sessions. Our Training Manager, Sunita Chudasama, is finding her refresher training days particularly well received. We often find that greater system awareness, gained through training on the latest functionality,  opens up new and improved opportunities and processes for clients, saving staff time and costs.

Please let us know if a little training would help…you can contact Sunita direct at sunita@tabsfm.com to discuss your requirements and plan an agenda.

System upgrades, and there have been lots of enhancements recently, can be arranged by calling us on:
+44 (0) 844 556 0488.

We would like to welcome Newcastle-Under-Lyme College as a new client and look forward to working with them through implementation in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your read and please let us know if you have any Tabs related articles to include in our next edition.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Released Developments...Tabs FM facilities manegement CAFM software

Data Import Utility Version 2

We are pleased to announce the release of our Data Import Utility Version 2. The second release of the Import Utility now incorporates functionality to populate multiple aspects of Tabs Database with minimum effort. All data is imported directly from predefined Excel Templates and this is a "must have" tool for both our new and existing clients.

Version 2 offers a new dimension for any maintenance division or organisation. With increased scope for the import of data, users can quickly import full Client and Building addresses, along with Location Details, Job Descriptions, Work Types, Suppliers, Contractors, Assets and Job Priority schemes. The population of data structures for the maintenance aspect of Tabs couldn’t be simpler. Time is of the essence!

In addition to the above import routine, we have also enabled the utility to import Portable Appliance Test Results direct from a selection P.A.T devices, including the Seaward PAT 350, ensuring accurate data capture.

Tool Tips have also been embedded into the Data Templates to assist with guidance on the correct population of the spreadsheets. The Tool Tips will appear when hovering over the column headers on newly created spreadsheets

We feel this enhancement will make this clever, time saving tool, even more user friendly.

Have you got any tips for us? (Keep it clean.)

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Asset Linked Documents

We have made changes to the way our attached document function works within the Reactive Maintenance module. In the past, attached documents such as Method Statements, Risk Assessments etc were assigned to individual Job Descriptions.

We have been asked by a Tabs user, "Can attached documents be driven by assets?"

To this end, we began working with our client, developing functionality to attach documents to single or multiple assets.

Assets can now be assigned specific documentation to download, based on the job description selected in either the Reactive or Planned Maintenance module. The benefit this offers is the linking of relevant attachments which are asset specific, rather than general attachments applicable to all jobs sharing that job description.

This flexible approach ensures that the correct documentation is displayed for the every asset. All associated documents are visible on both the MIS System and Pocket PC Systems for engineers to review as part of their work.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Reactive Report

A new Reactive Maintenance report has been developed and deployed in our latest Tabs MIS system. The new report titled List of Complete Jobs Including Time Taken calculates the total time taken to complete a job, from the start date/time to the completion date/time. Excluding non-working hours from the calculation the report returns the amount of hours and minutes to complete a given job. This new development will be included free of charge as part any system upgrade.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

What's to Come...

Reactive Maintenance.NET

As you may know we are future proofing Tabs Systems, developing with cutting edge Microsoft technology. Working with recent release technology is not without it’s frustrations, mostly due to the release of new controls from Microsoft. As our new development platform is utilising the latest software Microsoft have to offer, the controls needed by our Reactive Maintenance module have not yet been released to a standard which will meet test requirements. Our development team are currently developing custom controls to ensure we deliver a market leading product. We will keep you appraised of progress in this extremely important core area of the system.

Please contact us if you would like to review screens shots of the development to date. We will be happy to share our process with you.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Digital Dashboard

Digital Dashboard did you say? We heard you.

Our development team has finalised development of a new Digital Dashboard. The Digital Dashboard has been designed in a way that offers great flexibility and includes customised views/charts based on your requirements.

Tabs FM Software - CAFM - Facilities Management Digital Dashboard, SLA, KPI monitoring tool

The distinct benefit this offers is providing real-time views of all tasks using a graphical representation. These graphics can be interrogated to fine degree. Greater visibility and awareness will lead to increased performance and customer satisfaction levels.

The Dashboard is a layer sitting outside the Management Information System, giving constant tiered, specific and relevant information to all levels of staff.

We are particularly grateful to the clients who have worked with us on this project, sharing valued industry knowledge with our development team.

Please contact us ASAP to discuss your interest in a Digital Dashboard, we can then work with you to configure a specific, targeted solution.