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Tabs News...

Welcome to another sparkling piece of prose from the Tabs Office.

In this edition, we spoil you with information, suggestions and one or two fiendish development touches.
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Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Released Developments...

Reactive Maintenance Region/Sub Region Filtering

As many clients are aware, Tabs Reactive Maintenance system allows buildings to be filtered based on the client selected when logging new reactive tasks. The Reactive Maintenance call logging screen has been enhanced to support a greater filtering option. The list of available buildings can now be filtered based on the Region and Sub Region selected, ensuring quick and accurate navigation.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Tabs FM Intranet Case Sensitive Login

To improve the security policy of Tabs FM Intranet systems, we have enhanced the ‘Forced Login’ mode to now include a case sensitive validation check. Although a minor change, validating login details based on upper and lower cases helps to improve accuracy and the security of those accessing the system.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Pocket PC Data Transfer

The Tabs Mobile system version 2 has revolutionised the way information is transferred between the central application and mobile engineers. Since the release of version 2 in late 2008, we have continued to develop and enhance the application to improve performance and offer greater functionality. As the functionality continues to evolve it is inevitable that the quantity of data collected will soon have an impact on the data transfer times between Pocket PC and the data source. In anticipation of this, our development team has re-engineered the connection process to improve connection times. The Pocket PC’s new intelligent design has reduced the original connection time by 1/3,saving both time and money.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Room Booking Request …Pre-Authorisation Process

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but like ‘Ronseal’ it does exactly what it says!!

This new feature incorporates a new level of authorisation for any room booking requests made via Tabs Intranet. When users submit a room request, an email is automatically sent to a chosen authoriser to approve the request, before the request reaches the main Tabs application. The email contains a brief summary of request details and a hyperlink to approve the request. It is at this point that a request can be approved or rejected, with comments. Approved requests can then be processed in the usual manner. Users are informed via email of any rejected requests.

To support the new process, a report has also been incorporated in the Room Booking reporting system listing bookings grouped by day and time and including comments and authoriser’s comments.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Invoicing System Beta Testing

Our testing team has been provided with the first release of the .Net Invoicing System. Continuing with the same look and feel as the existing .Net Stores and Ordering Systems, the new invoicing module boasts greater efficiency through its intuitive design which has been made available by advances in software development technology.

Advances include:

  • The ability to preview an invoice directly within the application, as details are being added.

  • Improved searching and validation facilities improve the performance without losing the systems inherent ease-of-use.

  • Additional functionality to capture data and manage outstanding invoices

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Other Updates...

Tabs FM Sign-up B2M Solutions

We are pleased to announce that Tabs FM have signed an agreement with B2M Solutions who will supply their mprodigy software suite.

mprodigy provides unparalleled control and visibility of mission-critical operations throughout a mobile enterprise; improving the productivity of a line-of-business workforce. It maximises the value delivered at every stage of a mobile project lifecycle; at both technology and business intelligence levels. It is critical during planning; selection; deployment and management. By measuring, analysing and optimising performance mprodigy provides for informed decision-making, service improvements and competitive advantage.

mprodigy is deployed globally, with devices being managed in more than 30 countries around the world. It is trusted by leading companies to secure and manage their mobile enterprise with installations covering all manner of market sectors and industries.

Discover more about mprodigy and B2M Solutions at www.b2m-solutions.com.

b2m obile fm software

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Online Forum

One item which was discussed at our recent forum day was the option of an online forum. Several forum members were enthusiastic about the possibility of an online forum that would be accessible by all Tabs users. We have responded to this request and are pleased to announce the launch of a new online forum. We hope this platform will provide an opportunity for all Tabs users to communicate, discuss and share their thoughts, ideas or recommendations.

To access the forum, please visit www.tabsfm.com/forum. You will need to Register an account to view and post topics.

Welcome to the Tabs online community.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Customer Service Training

We are pleased to offer the services of Ken Frankis, Tabs Client Liaison Manager, as an extension to Tabs technical training programme. Ken has a background in Sales and Customer Service coaching and will work on the softer people skills with your client facing sales and customer service teams.

Developing awareness of our communication skills and adopting a “client centred” approach will inevitably lead to greater productivity and improved job satisfaction.

Please contact kenfrankis@tabsfm.com to discuss further.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

TWM Exhibition Olympia

We would like to say a brief thank you to those who visited us at the Total Workplace Management Exhibition. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and also many new ones. Both event days were extremely busy on the Tabs stand, which we believe is a reflection of our spreading reputation as a leading CAFM supplier. We hope to see you again at TWM 2010.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

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