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Tabs News...

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tabs FM Newsletter.

Thanks to all for your responses to our last edition, in particular the articles on .NET development and our fantastic Digital Dashboard.

This edition focuses on Tabs Mobile Solutions which provide a natural extension to the Management Information System and offer tremendous advantages to both "in house" users and service providers.

Our recent collaboration with "inTechnology" has further enhanced our mobile system offer with the addition of a Push-To-Talk service enabling one single mobile device to manage Tabs, telephone calls and radio broadcasts!

Our development team has recently added new functions for mobile users, details of which below.

If you would like any further information regarding content within this edition, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and your feedback is valued.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Released Developments...

Pocket PC Asset Intelligence

To ensure complete data integrity within our Mobile Solution, we have recently enhanced our Pocket PC software to include an asset intelligence function. The new development is targeted at engineers, to validate completed work is accurately recorded against an asset.

When an engineer attends an asset to carry a maintenance task, only by scanning the asset can he/she mark a task as complete. Either the parent or the child asset can be scanned as evidence of attendance. The benefit of this process is to ensure that maintenance tasks responses have been recorded against the correct asset.

We appreciate that software flexibility is key when developing for our large and varied client base. As our clients deploy the Tabs software using different perspectives, this functionality is optional and controlled by System administrators.

Many clients appear to have either scant or no Asset Registers at all. If you would like us to help with setting up a comprehensive Asset Register, please give us a call. We have both the software and manpower available to assist.

A simple, intuitive and secure process for accurate data capture!!

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Pocket PC Update Auto Process

Our Pocket PC software now incorporates a streamlined updating process for simplistic software upgrading. Previous versions required a minor manual process as part of the upgrade procedure. The new version now allows engineers to simply click to check for new releases and then download/install.

We realise that simplicity is key for workers on the move and strive to work to this end.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Centralised Job Numbers

Rather than using a custom prefix value defined in the Pocket PC settings to generate the next job number, our latest Pocket PC software offers centralised job numbers, keeping in sequence with the main application. This is aimed at supporting continuity for clients.

Sometimes the simple things are most effective.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Other Updates...

www.tabsfm.com Latest Module Updates

We have recently updated our website to include the latest information and screens shots of our new Purchase Ordering and Stores Modules. We think you will like the new look and feel of these .NET additions and will be happy to arrange a product demonstration if required.

Visit www.tabsfm.com for a preview, following "Products" and clicking on Stores and Purchase Ordering.

Tabs FM facilities and service management software systems, CAFM, CMMS

Tabs Events - come and see us

As the summer break draws to close and we slowly begin to return to work, maybe now is to time to start thinking about upgrading or extending your Tabs system. There has certainly been a lot of system development of late.

We will be exhibiting at two events during September and October. Why not come and see us for a demonstration or just a coffee and a bun?

Service Management Expo Service Management Expo - 22nd-23rd Sept @ the NEC

Service Management Expo Total Workplace Management - 7th-8th Oct @ London Olympia

We look forward to your company. Please let us know if you would like to attend.