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Development History

Whilst our newsletter is a powerful medium to deliver the latest updates from Tabs FM, our software often receives minor updates/patches that we feel may not necessarily be classed as ‘news worthy’.

We pride ourselves on our transparency in relation to software updates, whether these are new developments, patches, security issues or bugs.  To support this approach we will be uploading a monthly report to our web portal that details all development updates which have occurred over the past month. The first report is now available for your review, and can be found within the Policy Documents section of our support site.

New Clients

May we extend a warm welcome to the following new clients:

The William Booth Memorial College
Lancaster City Council

News Letter Format

The Newsletter is for your benefit.
Please give us some feedback on style and content. What would you like included?

We would welcome any Tabs related stories or brief case studies, so feel free to share things with us.

Tip of the Month

Occasionally, we receive reports of data duplication that can accidentally occur by entering data incorrectly (i.e. slightly different spelling).

Never fear, we have a solution.
Throughout the system, we have enabled the ability to cleanse data both for modules specific and global data.

Modules Specific
Simply click on the ‘Settings’ option, then ‘Utilities’ to produce list of available data cleansing techniques.

To remove items such as Buildings, Clients etc, click ‘Tabs’ on the toolbar (2007 users, click on the ‘Office Logo’), then select ‘Utilities’. This will provide an array of tools available to cleanse data.

Tabs FM...Helping you to deliver accurate data.

Tabs FM Ltd
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The Royal Arsenal
Skeffington Street
SE18 6SR

T: +44 (0) 844 556 0488
F: +44 (0) 844 556 0489

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Tabs News...

After the frivolity and sunshine of last month’s Holiday Edition, it’s back to earth with a bump and time to knuckle down to some hard work for a while.

You will find information in this issue on new development, The Total Workplace Management Show, our recent ISO accreditation, remote Tabs training, new clients, marketing/business development  support for service provider clients and more.

There is a pent up excitement in the Tabs office as we are on the verge of sharing some spectacular new development with you by the end of the year.

Keep a close eye on your Newsletters, we don’t want you to miss anything.

Good reading…


New Development

Accident/Incident ReportingAccident ReportingRIDDOR report

Following the August edition of the Tabs Newsletter where we introduced the new Accident Reporting System, we would like to continue with this update and introduce the re-development of our mobile solution.

Using the same intelligently designed forms as to those on our Intranet System, the flow of information ensures you capture every aspect of the accident/dangerous occurrences to produce a RIDDOR report. RIDDOR reports can be instantly produced using data supplied either via the PDA or Intranet System.

All accident/incident reports are easily monitored via the main application to support measures to prevent further incidences.

Auto Asset Code Creation

The Tabs Asset Tracking module now supports the ability to automatically create the next sequential Asset Number, including pre-defined prefix number. A simple, yet effective solution!

Contractors Register

We’ve slightly modified our contactors register by introducing new data fields to capture Liability and Contractor Risk Details.


General Updates

CAFM facilities Blog Blog Update ...Tabs FM Achieve ISO 9001 Accreditation

Following an assessment by an independent body, Tabs FM Ltd has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. This certification has only been achieved by about 5% of UK businesses and this prestigious award is supported by the Government and recognised world-wide.

Read Blog


Upcoming Events…

As always, we will be exhibiting at The Total Workplace Management event, Olympia, London on 6th and 7Th October 2010.

Earls Court and Olympia are both Tabs clients so we can guarantee a safe and welcoming environment!

This will be a great opportunity to meet Tabs team members and be first to witness the fruits of our creative development team over the summer months… expect the WOW factor to be high.
We anticipate a very busy show this year so please let us know if you would like to get together over the two days.

Hospitality and general bonhomie will be of the usual Tabs exemplary standard.


Client Business Support…

We are asked more often these days to support clients, generally commercial service providers, when pitching or tendering for new business.

We are keen to help in any way we can here. Possibly through provision of supporting literature, files, screenshots or PowerPoint presentations. We can also attend presentation events to put forward the capabilities of Tabs Systems as a benefit to your potential clients.

This generally applies to our newer or pending clients who don’t feel wholly confident in presenting the scale and depth of Tabs Systems.

Just let us know if we can be of assistance. We will do our best to help and know how important an efficient operational software is to the decision makers who are interested in your business offer.


Introducing Tabs On Line

Our Training Manager, Sunita Chudasama, is designing an On Line refresher training programme for Tabs users.

While we feel there is no substitute for face to face experiential training, we can see specific benefits including, of course, a reduced cost. We can also be more flexible on times.

This training will be conducted live by Sunita, not a prescriptive recorded session, and content will be discussed in advance to ensure we hit the spot.

It is our intention to carry out some initial On Line sessions during November and December 2010 as a controlled trial.

The cost of November and December On Line training will be advantageous and, to that end, we invite you to contact Sunita to pre book your spaces as soon as

We are confident this service will prove extremely popular and it will enable us to help with training issues quickly and effectively.
Tabs FM Sofwtare - Computer Aided Facilities Management CAFM Training Courses
…more than just training


Data Logic Data Logic

Following the successful response to our last feature on PDA hardware, we would like to introduce you to a few new devices that may raise an eye-brow.

Data Logic Elf (read more)

Data Logic elf

Our professional, rugged, PDA device – designed from the ground up and incorporating:
> Windows Mobile 6.5 (finger friendly) operating system
> Choice of 1D laser or 2D imager, with Datalogic’s patent ‘green spot’ (visual scan confirmation) technology
> 3G, GPS, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth – for all modern voice and data communications
> 3MP camera, with autofocus and flash
> QWERTY keyboard
> IP64 (protection against water and dust)
> Drop: Tested to withstand 1.5m drops to concrete

Data Logic Memor (read more)

Data Logic Memor

One of our most popular devices, pocket sized and lightweight, yet rugged – incorporating:
> Windows Mobile 6.1 operating systems.
> Choice of 1D laser or 2D imager (the laser has our ‘green spot’ patent technology)
> GSM/GPRS/EDGE for voice and data communications – as well as having WiFi and Bluetooth options
> No camera, but an ideal solution for applications that do not need a camera and the 2D imager can take basic black and white photos
> IP54 (protection against water and dust)
>Drop: Tested to withstand 1.2m drops to concrete

Datalogic Mobile, part of the Datalogic Group, is a global player in the rugged mobile computers market, offering a full range of products, dedicated to the main target application fields:

  1. Warehousing solutions,

  2. Field-force automation 

  3. Retail in-store.

With our strong presence in EMEA, Americas and Asia/Pacific and the powerful network of partners all-over-the world, Datalogic Mobile has been able to show an impressive track record of growth, permitting it to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and to be positioned among the worldwide market leaders.


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