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Facilities Show 2011


New Clients

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New Clients

A warm welcome to following clients who have recently joined us:

Pearson Managed Services
Jones FM
Plumstead School
Greenacre School
Afton Chemical

Cloud Computing (SaaS)

In recent years, the topics of 'Cloud Computing’ and ‘Software as a Service’ have grown in popularity. With advances in technology and infrastructure around the UK, hosted solutions offer organisations many intangible benefits, such as cost or resource savings. As you expect from a software house, our experience lies in understanding IT infrastructures and software applications. So it makes perfects to offer our expertise to provide clients with a managed, hosted solution. Having secured a few powerful servers, we’ve already started to make the transition both internally and for existing users. If you’re interested in reducing the strain on your IT department and would like further information, please contact us to discuss the various solutions available.

Tip of the Month

Easily create multiple jobs into a project by reviewing a job and clicking the information button on the right, next to the start date. Then select multiple days to add additional jobs.  All jobs will then be grouped together in a project.

An icon will appear on new jobs, supporting the ability to review all, complete or incomplete jobs within the project.

Tabs FM Ltd
Unit 9, The io Centre
The Royal Arsenal
Skeffington Street
SE18 6SR

T: +44 (0) 844 556 0488
F: +44 (0) 844 556 0489

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Are you getting the most from your System?

"I never knew it could do that!"
"This will save us so much time."
"Do we have to pay extra?"
"Our clients will love this functionality."
"We have always wanted that feature."

These are comments we hear far too often. I am convinced that 80% of Tabs client base could achieve more with their current systems. Of course, such an observation could leave us open to criticism of our initial system training. We also know that all studies of human learning point to fairly low retention even after the most comprehensive training. The real learning takes place through everyday system usage and this is where bad habits and contrived practices can be formed.

To address this situation, and this is a service which has been promoted on these pages in the past, we can carry out a "Health Check Day," which will help to raise awareness of your current system employment and allow us to help you make those small degrees of change which can lead to enhanced returns on your Tabs investment.

Following a "Health Check," we will provide a full report, highlighting suggestions and issuing supporting documents and manuals where appropriate.

In recent months, I have seen many satisfied clients having undertaken a "Health Check." The cost is minimal and I am confident that the benefits will far outweigh this expenditure.

Please contact to discuss further and arrange your medical ASAP.



New Development

Data Import Utility

Behind the scenes we’ve improved the technical architecture of the data import utility by re-structuring the code to improve performance. In doing this, we’ve also applied a slight change to the ribbon bar and added a few additional validation rules

Part of the reason to carry out these changes was to implement two new import templates. The import utility will shortly support the ability to import additional data (as below) to improve the set-up times for new installations, or support clients when adding new sites to the system.

  • Import Internal Workers
  • Import Stock Items
  • Import Stock Locations & Item Quantities

Pocket PC

A few new switches have been added to the Pocket PC system, adding to its already advanced functionality:

  • Must add comment before closing job - Global Switch
  • Restrict Login List to Last Users Default Building - Global Switch
  • Allow Work Type and Job Description changes - User Profile Switch
  • Start on Screen - User Profile Switch

Here are a few other minor adjustments we’ve recently applied to our application:

  • Maintenance Works Diary - Right clicking on a job now offers the ability to print a job docket. This automatically updates the actions performed on a job.
  • Edit Planned Maintenance Schedules – Now offers the ability to update comments of all jobs in a PPM within a PPM group.
  • Property Register – Changing the client associated to a property will now offer to update all live jobs with the new details.
  • Reporting System - If the job sheet docket is previewed it will update all jobs action history to state that it has been previewed.
  • Room Booking – Booking Start Time and End Time now added to the email confirmation subject header.



Future Development

The Tabs FM Research & Development team have been pioneering new developments targeted towards cutting edge and future technologies.

First on the agenda is the migration of our Mobile Solution. Until recently, the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system was the chosen OS for manufacturers of laser scanning devices. With Microsoft’s release of Windows Mobile 7 the focus shifted to a more consumer-based product, leaving many manufacturers and third party developers in a state of uncertainty. As a result, manufacturers are looking at alternative OS’s, such as Android, for future hardware releases. We have already started the investigation process for migrating Tabs Mobile Systems to Android platform.
Not to neglect consumer-based products, we have already started development of Tabs Applications for Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. Whilst aiming to offer similar functionality to Tabs Mobile Systems, the new platform offers extending a wider audience. A beta release of the iPad platform has already been provided for internal testing.

Will keep you updated throughout the course of the year on both of these exciting new products.



.Net Application...the wait is nearly over

Over the past few years we’ve invested heavily in developing a new version of Tabs Systems. This project involved completely re-engineering the 18 year old application to maximise performance and operate efficiently with new technologies. Due to the sheer scale of the project it’s taken a little longer than expected, but we are now in a position to rollout beta testing of the application. We’ve invited several clients to participate in the beta testing program, for which we extend our thanks. If you would like to join our ‘Beta Testing Team’, please contact us today and we’ll take care of arrangements.



The Facilities Show 2011

On the 17th-19th May, Tabs FM attended the annual Facilities Show at the NEC. The Facilities Show has always proven a valuable event and it’s one that we aim to attend every year. Not only is a great opportunity to meet potential clients, it also provides an excellent opportunity to meet existing Tabs users.

This year’s event was extremely exciting, as the Tabs FM stand attracted great interest and has initiated many fresh opportunities for us to work with new clients. We look forward to our collaboration here, with the hope to supporting their requirements through Tabs Systems.

Meeting Facilities, Estates and Maintenance professionals, alongside our contact with other exhibitors, generates a positive energy for us and confirms that our offer is desirable, innovative and represents great value both in the short and long terms.


"Never let a computer know you're in a hurry."