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With the summer holidays drawing to a close, we gradually begin to drift back into our normal routines. The good news is that this newsletter is packed full of exciting information to help you get started and welcome you back. Hooray!

Firstly, we sincerely apologise for the lack of newsletters recently. Don't worry, you haven't missed anything. It's just that we have been extremely busy. We hope this newsletter offers some explanation.

So, what have we been doing?

Well, as you would expect, we have been pioneering and pushing the boundaries of technology, getting out and about to meet perspective customers, updating our internal infrastructure, improving our services and collaborating with some new business opportunities.

Now is the time to add some water to a mug, apply one tea bag, a splash of milk and maybe some sugar, sit back and enjoy a good read!

Tabs Team


As ever, the 'elves' in the Tabs development team have been busy developing some new enhancements to the system. The great news is that our elves produce and deliver all year round!

So what can you expect to see in the system...

Web Based Management System
The best place to start is our new Web Based interface. Many of our clients are already aware that a fully web based version of our management console is something that we have been striving to achieve. We've managed to use much of the existing code from our .Net/WPF system to push production of the new web based interface. The good news is that we are nearly there.

Beta testing is nearly complete and a few select clients will shortly be trialling the system. The new 'Silverlight' based system offers a new contemporary interface design, new features and new modules. Not only is the system quick to use, but with it being a web based system it's also quick to deploy. A single server based installation means that users with the correct permissions running the Silverlight plugin can access the system via a web browser.

Silverlight System

Exchange Integration
Integrating with Microsoft Exchange server has been a process that we have always wanted to embrace within Tabs System. Today, the first step to true Exchange integration has been achieved.

Linking your Tabs System with your exchange server is a great solution for those managing reactive/planned maintenance tasks and room bookings. Whenever a job is created, new settings will depict whether to automatically distribute Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments to either the worker or the reported by. This way, both engineers and clients are kept informed via their own Outlook calendar as to when tasks are to be performed.

From a room booking perspective, whenever a room is booked and visitors/delegates are attached, configuration settings will enable Microsoft Outlook appointments to be sent to delegates, visitors and hosts automatically.

With one foot in the door with Exchange, we invite you to get in touch to discuss your end-user requirements so we can collaborate and help improve this fantastic solution.

Job Location

The Job location system is a unique solution to support reactive and planned maintenance job management. By integrating with Bing Maps, we can pin point in real-time all the live reactive and planned jobs based on pre-defined filters. This approach is a visibly pleasing solution to identify jobs and plan diaries based on geographical locations. Visit our website for further information.

Resource Management

Resource Management is a new and improved tool for your CAFM arsenal. The solution will enable you to easily identify live maintenance jobs and view suitable engineer diaries. This approach offers clear visibility over engineer diaries, allowing you to easily allocate and plan work based on available resources.

Maybe an engineer has phoned in sick, or perhaps you need to plan the week aheads work based on engineer trade or location, either way the Resource Management tool is a great solution to satisfy your requirements. There's more online...

Resource Management and Job Location, two fantastic new tools to help you manage your resources.

General Survey

The General Survey system is a new, improved and replacement solution for the legacy Inspection System. Due to restrictions on the Inspection System, the General Survey solution has been developed from the ground up, drawing upon the knowledge and experience gained through the previous product.

So what's different?

The main difference is the flexibility of the General Survey system. The previous version could not support intelligent questions and scoring mechanisms. With the new General Survey, you can create unlimited surveys, audits, questionnaires etc, with unlimited questions. At question level you can apply point scoring or even sub-question prompts for the answers given.

Surveys can be created as a stand-alone solution or linked to maintenance tasks. When completing surveys in the field using our iOS or Android software, there are even options to automatically email the survey results to clients or colleagues.

For more information, to arrange demonstration or discuss of the developments mentioned above, please contact sales@tabsfm.com..

Nip and Tuck

A year goes by and our website slowly begins the show the signs of age. Yet it was only a few years ago when we last updated it. A sure sign of how quickly things move with technology and design.

To complement the advances in our new contemporary web based and mobile software, we felt it was about time we gave our website a bit of a face lift.

We've nipped the code, tucked the content, to offer a cleaner and crisper website. Now included is a simple buying process helping visitors understand the architecture and scalability of our solutions. Also included in the new site are the new Windows 7 style tile module icons. So please swing by our website to check out the new features and icons.

One of the great catalysts for the rebuild was to make the site more responsive for mobile devices. We’ve seen a great increase in users accessing the site from smartphones and tablets. We hope that using this new design, visitors to our site will have a great user experience no matter what device they use.

Your thoughts welcome.

Please note - the hyperlink to our support portal can now be found at the top of every page. Look out for 'Support Login'.

Training Room

Whether implementing the system for the first time, migrating to our wonderful new .Net or Web-Based solutions, adding new modules or simply embarking on new/refresher training, offsite training is by far the best approach to maximise your learning experience by removing daily interruptions.

Offsite training is something we have always offered. So, with a fresh lick of paint, some sparkling new computers and a fancy new overhead projector, our newly kitted out and dedicated training room is now complete. All we needs now is you!

If you'd like to utilise our new facilities for your training requirements, get in touch by calling the switchboard or dropping us a line at projects@tabsfm.com.

Still With Us? ... Just Checking

New Clients

We welcome the following new clients to the fold.
  • States of Jersey
  • SBS Ltd
  • Fairhurst Ward Abootts Ltd
  • Communicate PLC
  • Hoveair (Maintenance Services) Ltd
  • Shaw Trust

Out and About

As ever, we always like to get out and about. Already this year we've attended the FM & Property Event, the national Facilities Show and several FMA evening events. Experiences like this are a great way to see the movement of the FM industry and share our experience with likeminded individuals.

For a full list of events (we can't promise we'll go to them all) is available on our Facebook Page.

Got an event to share? please let us know and will add it to our facebook page.

New Staff Members

To strengthen our support and service, we warmly welcome two new additions to the team.

Charlotte Gard - Charlotte joins us as a friendly and welcoming voice on the end of the phone. Professional and courteous, she is a great addition to our customer service and support team.

Priyanka Dalvi - Priyanka is a highly motivated and skilled individual who will be facilitating the link between our support, project and development teams, helping to further enhance our service level.

Please join us in welcoming them. "Hi Charlotte", "Hi Priyanka".

Industry News

We pride ourselves on keeping our ears to the ground to give you the latest industry news. So why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook for regular industry and product updates.

Also, here are a couple of useful daily e-papers that maybe of interest to you.

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