What Is Tabs outlook?

Tabs Outlook is a plugin (add-in) used within the Microsoft Outlook® product. This integrated plugin extends the ease of access to the Tabs CAFM system, by providing an efficient and easy-to-use route to booking resources through Microsoft Outlook®.

The Tabs Outlook plugin enables users to view room availability and book/request meeting rooms directly from Microsoft Outlook®. The logic and configuration applied is mirrored from the Tabs Web solution, so users continue to benefit from permission based configuration, as well as being provided with options to add any attachments to the booking (catering, equipment, visitors and attendees).

Users may view a grid of bookable resources/spaces, click to view space details, create or request a booking (depending on configuration), add attachments, invite delegates and repeat bookings all via the simple and step-by-step guided Microsoft Outlook® plugin.

Facilities Management Software outlook integration plugin
extending ease of access

Key Features

  • Ease to Use
  • Quick to Install
  • Benefits from Existing Configuration

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