Why Invest in Tabs CAFM?

Very often during sales presentations we are asked a question much favoured by potential buyers, "Tell me why I should buy Tabs CAFM?". On the face of it, it's a good question. However, we don’t want to tell you why you should purchase our product. We prefer a pull rather than push approach to sales.

We will always endeavour to explore your needs in some depth and have a wealth of experience to support the formulation of valuable questions to help raise awareness when building a solution for you. We will give you the information to make your own, informed decisions.

We are also asked, "What is your unique selling point?" Again, another good question. However, the uniqueness of our product is purely subjective. For one client the brilliance of our MOBILE software may tick the right boxes, for another, it may be the linking of Tabs CAFM to an accounting package.

A learned man once said of Tabs CAFM, "…It’s more than just software" . So, you get the idea. We know we can’t be all things to all people but we’ll give it a very good try!

Client Comments

  • "Tabs CAFM gives you more bang for your buck."
  • "We love the flexibility of system configuration."
  • "We can control how we use the Tabs CAFM."
  • "The Tabs CAFM system is very powerful and function rich but still easy to use."
  • "All modules link together making navigation a simple task."
  • "MOBILE app is fantastic for our field staff and clients alike. It saves time and money and is a great aid to customer service."
  • "We started off with a simple Helpdesk and have grown our Tabs CAFM system in line with our business development/expansion. This gradual uptake has suited us."
  • "Tabs team are always ready to listen and discuss our needs rather than accept system limitations. They developed bespoke solutions for us."

What are the benefits of investing in Tabs FM Ltd

Some of the many benefits of investing in Tabs CAFM and Tabs FM Ltd include;

  • MOBILE system does not rely on continuous connection
  • Detailed and clear project documentation is provided
  • Qualified training staff will ensure high levels of training
  • Tabs CAFM data can be easily imported from legacy software
  • Tabs FM can pre-build/configure systems for quick deployment
  • Full hosted and managed solutions are available
  • Dedicated UK support desk
  • All systems are developed in house and owned by Tabs FM Limited
  • Not reliant on any third parties for any future development
  • Tabs CAFM receives constant development based on market trends and legislations
  • All new development is placed into a centralised system
  • Clients share the benefits of advanced functionality for no extra cost
  • Our development team are constantly updated in the latest in technology
  • Sustainable product and intelligent solutions for years to come
  • Your investment in Tabs CAFM as a product and Tabs FM Ltd as a mature company is protected
  • The idea of a single system makes excellent business sense
  • Tabs CAFM removes the cost of purchasing and supporting multiple systems
  • No data entry duplication
  • Tabs CAFM software is FREE, to reduce setup costs
  • Tabs CAFM is scalable to allow natural expansion
  • Powerful reports are provided as standard
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office applications enables data export
  • A common interface that prevails throughout our core system
  • Fewer systems to manage for both Facilities and IT Because all data is stored within SQL Server
  • Administrators have full control over the system, from module configuration to user access rights
  • Tabs CAFM is easy to maintain and restore, supporting minimum system downtime
  • And finally...Tabs FM keep clients up to date via regular newsletters, twitter and facebook
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