SFG20 Integration

Integrating SFG20 schedules into the TabsCAFM system provides a solution to create/capture compliance records for assets in accordance with industry standard SFG20 schedules and tasks.

The approach adopted in the TabsCAFM solution is to offer a dynamic and resource efficient solution. Centring around assets collated and controlled in the asset tracking module. Asset data can be added to the application by various methods, including Tabs Mobile app, direct input via the Management system, or as part of a bulk data upload from an Excel file.

Once the assets are added to the TabsCAFM solution, SFG20 planned schedules can be created dynamically in accordance with SFG20 for each asset. Each planned job will comprise of full SFG20 task details.

The Tabs Mobile app becomes a valuable resource and provides a mechanism to complete the SFG20 tasks from a handheld device. Full task information is provided, including options to raise remedial work orders for failed elements.

The management system also plays a key role in managing the SFG20 schedules, in the form of:

  • Alerting of new assets added to the system that require SFG20 schedules
  • Alerting of new asset descriptions that may require SFG20 schedules
  • Alerting of updates to SFG20 schedules (instances can be accepted/rejected)
  • Reporting facility on SFG20 work orders and completed tasks

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