Reactive Helpdesk Maintenance CAFM Software for facilities management

Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) Software

The Tabs CAFM Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) Software module facilitates the efficient capture, allocation and response management for all types of Reactive Maintenance/Helpdesk works. Easy-to-use but with depth to record all critical information, prioritise and track jobs, you can choose a level of usage to meet your individual business requirements.

Intelligent filtering through clients, locations, assets, work types, service levels and workforce/contractors will allow you to offer a high level of customer support and service to your clients/colleagues. The Reactive Maintenance module is a robust central hub around which you can control your adhoc property or asset maintenance.

SLA/KPI priorities can be assigned to each task to enable efficient task management (colour coding) ensuring that all tasks are completed within their allotted time frame. Maintenance/Helpdesk reports can easily be produced using the vast array of reports included as standard, helping you to analysis performance, trends and identify areas of weakness or strength.

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How it works

Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) calls can be placed quickly and easily via a simple 24/7 WEB-based form (WEB), or logged manually through the Core or MOBILE consoles, using customised fields to capture specific information. Upon creation of a Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) job, the requestor will receive an automatic email confirming detailing call information and encapsulating a unique job tracking reference number.

Job tracking can be achieved by logging on to the WEB console. Here, clients/requestors can view and monitor the progression of all the jobs they have reported. Requestors will also receive periodic email updates when the status of job changes to always keep them updated.

Jobs can be allocated to both internal engineers (direct labour) and contractors/sub-contractors through a mixture of delivery methods depending on the system configuration. These methods include Printed Job Sheets, Emailed Job Sheets, MOBILE app, self-service WEB portal or access to the Core management console. Routing options for job assignment based on a series or pre-defined parameters can also be managed through the system.

Simple Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) workflow...

CAFM reactive maintenance helpdesk software workflow step one
CAFM WEB facilites and service management helpdesk software
Call Reported (WEB)
CAFM reactive maintenance helpdesk software workflow step two
CAFM administration facilites and service management helpdesk software
Call Managed (Core)
CAFM reactive maintenance helpdesk software workflow step three
CAFM GO MOBILE facilites and service management helpdesk software
Call Issued to Worker (MOBILE)
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Who uses Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) Software?

Anyone looking to manage reactive or helpdesk type jobs can benefit from utilising the Tabs CAFM Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) software module. Primary users generally take the form of internal facilities management departments or provides of maintenance/field based services.

For Facilities Managers, the Reactive Maintenance module is a great tool to manage the internal ad-hoc maintenance duties of single or multiple sites. The term CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) applies here, as the Reactive Maintenance system combined with other modules such as Asset Management and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) provide a complete CMMS solution for Facilities Managers. All details of internal costs incurred for completion of tasks can be tracked and monitored, providing facilities/estates managers with the tools needed to manage budget and spend.

Providers of maintenance and building services (Asset Maintenance, Commercial Property Repairs/Fitouts, Plumbing/Electrical Services etc) can benefit greatly from the Reactive Maintenance module. Intelligent workflows ensure that clients are provided with the latest updates on call progression, with all internal/scheduled rates being automatically applied for invoicing and management of job profitability.

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MOBILE Software

The MOBILE app offers a natural extension of the system to field and site engineers. Mobilising your workforce with access to download and respond to Reactive Maintenance (Helpdesk) jobs in the field improves efficiency and service levels, by increasing response times and ensuring consistent and accurate data.

The native MOBILE app enables field engineers to download their Reactive Maintenance tasks to a MOBILE device. All job information including location, contact, description and supporting documentation is delivered to the engineers handheld device. Engineers can then respond to jobs in the field by capturing comments, photos, signature, voice recordings and any job specific expenses. All information is simply transmitted back to the main system for final processing and automatic client updating. The MOBILE app supports an offline mode, allowing your engineers to update job information, even without a live connection.

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As you would expect, there is much more depth to the Reactive Maintenance module. Tight integration with other modules provides a streamlined approach to data management and call workflow. With Reactive Maintenance at the foundation, costs and other services can easily be added direct from the original call. Module extensions include:

Key Features

  • Mulit-Worker Functionality
  • Traffic Light SLA Visibility
  • Intuitive Data Driven Maintenance Call Logging Process
  • Intelligent Maintenance Task Allocation & Resource Management
  • SLA & KPI Performance Monitoring of Reactive Maintenance Tasks
  • Configurable to Internal Procedures and Workflow
  • Maintenance Management Reports and Automated Reporting Provided as Standard
  • Cost Control & Budgeting of Maintenance Tasks
  • Management Summary/Overview Screens
  • Manage Asbestos, Method Statements, Risks & Permits
  • Manage Profit and Loss
  • Cost Jobs Based on Schedules of Rates
  • Issue Job Satisfaction Questionnaires
  • See 'live' work at a glance
  • Extendable Across WEB and MOBILE Interfaces
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