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Resource Management Software

Resource Management is a unique tool designed as a solution to aid the efficient management of human resources for live Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) jobs.

This logical solution enables users to quickly filter and adjust the interface to display a series of live tasks. Options are then provided to select and view available worker schedules, enabling you to easily re-allocate and adjust resources to meet the demands of your operations/ clients.

identify tasks and adjust resources

Who Uses Resource Management Software?

Resource Management is an ideal solution for back office administration teams requiring a solution to help them manage resources for Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tasks more efficiently.

Let’s take a couple of common scenario’s...

"Unexpected Sick Leave". With Resource Management, your team can view the daily tasks of those absent from employment and also the availability of suitable replacement workers. Tasks can then quickly be re-shuffled to minimise disruption to your clients.

"Work Scheduling". With Resource Management, you’ll have visibility of all upcoming tasks, upon which you can manage and coordinate resources to prevent repeat site attendance, or assign the best qualified technician, ensuring both efficiency and quality.

improve efficiency and service quality


Resource Management integrates with:

Key Features

  • Easily understand and identify staff workloads
  • Reallocate or move maintenance jobs with ease
  • Logically laid out interface design
  • Colour coded for easy Maintenance task type identification
  • Fast and accurate data review
  • Filters available to locate maintenance tasks
  • Supports drag and drop technology
  • Automatically updates maintenance SLA details
  • Restrictions imposed to support true data accuracy
  • Perfect tool to easily manage tasks and resources
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