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Whether a Facilities Management department or a provider of asset maintenance services, the TabsCAFM Asset Management module offers an ideal solution to manage assets and associated Reactive Maintenance or Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) jobs.

The Asset Management solution is a comprehensive register of all site or clients assets of any type (M&E (Boilers, AHU), IT (Computers, Printers, Tablets), Office Services (Desks, Chairs) Equipment). You will have clear visibility of your asset portfolio including location, history, condition and written down value. Full asset life cycle management through this powerful and associated software module will ensure optimisation and future financial planning of your assets.

The term 'asset' can relate to pretty much any piece of equipment within a building or with field based staff. Therefore the quantity of assets can reach well into the 1000's. To ease the data load process, templates can be provided to import vast quantities of assets direct from an Excel spread sheet. See the Data Import Utility (DIU) for further details on this fantastic and unique Asset Management solution.

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Who uses Asset Management Software?

The Asset Management module tightly integrates with other TabsCAFM modules including Reactive Maintenance/FM Helpdesk, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), Fixed and PAT Testing. Therefore usage of the asset management module may reach across different areas of your operation. With the ability to record lease and depreciation levels, even finance teams may benefit from having a central repository of asset records.

Facilities and Estates Managers benefit greatly from the Asset Management software when combining it with the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) software. Comprised within the Asset Management software is an intelligent 52 week Asset Management planner, providing clear visibility over Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedules to enable efficient balancing of work and resources.

CAFM asset maintenance software facilties management

TabsMobile Mobile Software

The Mobile mobile app offers a natural extension of the system to field and site engineers. Mobile mobile enables field staff to barcode scan and retrieve asset information, perform asset audits and add new assets direct from a mobile device quickly and easily, ensuring your data is current and accurate.

Linking with the Reactive Maintenance/FM Helpdesk and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) modules, asset information can appear on job details or scanned as proof attendance.

CAFM facilities management mobile application asset manageemnt
available on iOS, Android and Win 6.5


Asset Management offers superb routes for extension with other key maintenance modules.

Key Features

  • Track Expenditures (Maintenance, Repairs & Leasing)
  • Quickly Locate and Review Detailed Asset Information
  • Complete Asset Audit and Change History Recording
  • Parent and Child Asset Relationships
  • Analyse Depreciation and Maintenance against Replacement Costs
  • Integrates with Planned and Reactive Maintenance mpdules for Maintenance History
  • Upload Supporting Asset Documentation
  • Generate and Export Asset Reports
  • Real-Time Asset Visibility
  • Extendable Across Mobile Interface (Optional)
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