What Is TabsCore?

At the heart of TabsCAFM software is the 'TabsCore' application. TabsCore is a compulsory and highly sophisticated interface that provides the main gateway to the system for administration teams and key 'back office' users. TabsCore offers users controlled access to all modules, features, configuration routes and reports. Access to all stored data is provided through this powerful console, although no data is actually stored locally on client machines.

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Who uses TabsCore?

Generally, the TabsCore application is used by senior managers and administration/back-office teams for day-to-day business operations. The TabsCore interface is a powerful platform designed to manage and monitor the entire system, providing key users with access to business critical data through a single, secure and easily managed application.

Although access is provided to all modules and features, the intelligent architecture within the system design offers configurable permissions at user level. This controlled approach enables users to be configured with restricted profiles, limiting access to select modules, features and data sets.

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How can it be deployed?

One of the great advantages of selecting TabsCAFM as your preferred software solution is the deployment flexibility of the TabsCore application. Using a single shared code base, the system can be deployed as a Desktop or Web Based application, without loss of functionality.

Deployment options are available to install the product on your servers and network, using various configuration (Citrix, LAN or WAN). Alternatively, Tabs FM Ltd can host and manage the system on your behalf, easing the strain on your IT resources.

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Key Features

  • Single interface for administrative access
  • Web-based or Desktop deployable
  • Hosted systems can be accessed using a web browser or RDP connection
  • Access all 40+ TabsCAFM modules
  • Standard reports are included free-of-charge
  • Access permissions can be configured at user level
  • System administrators can configure system workflows
  • No data volume restrictions - unlimited data
  • Manage multiple clients through a single database
  • Built using the latest technology
  • System receives continuous updates through shared development
  • Easy-to-use, clear and concise interface
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Build your own solution

Select Modules

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Add Interfaces

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Add Users

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Choose Deployment

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