What Is TabsDisplay?

TabsDisplay is a unique solution designed for busy reception areas or as a light weight viewing tool for colleagues within an organisation. Linking with the TabsCAFM Room Booking module, TabsDisplay presents the current and next booking scheduled for a conference/meeting room or other bookable spaces, using a clear and concise viewing grid.

Facilities Management Software CAFM real-time meeting room display screen

The TabsDisplay solution enables guests and colleagues to quickly identify meetings in real-time, inclusive of associated room name, event type and booking length. This visual aid provides a welcoming display for any guests attending site for meetings.

TabsDisplay is a fully web-enabled and screen responsive solution that supports scalability and visibility for any tablet, computer screen or smart TV (with web browser). Simple to install and working in harmony with the Tabs Room Booking module, TabsDisplay provides an efficient and effective route to display meeting room bookings.

Boasting a wealth of configuration options, TabsDisplay can be customised to suit your branding and privacy requirements. Branding options include the ability to adjust background and text colour schemes, display logo's and titles to mirror your corporate image. Privacy is covered also with options to disable selected rooms and events from being displayed. You can decide whether to show details of all events taking place, or perhaps just public events. Internal meetings could still be displayed for reference using the privacy option to display them as a 'Private Meeting'.

Simple, Intuitive and Responsive Room Display Screen

Key Features

  • Instant Visibility of Current and Next Meeting
  • Quick to Install
  • User-Friendly Configuration
  • Fully Web Based
  • Screen Responsive for Supporting Any Screen Resolution
  • Building Specific Installation Supported
  • Configure Room/Event Privacy
  • Custom Branding Configuration
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