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Meeting Room Booking Software

The Tabs CAFM Meeting Room Booking Software system is a finely tuned and powerful module that can be purchased as a 'standalone' product or part of a larger resource management solution to aid the management of meeting room bookings. With a large portion of Tabs CAFM users already utilising the Meeting Room Booking module, this statement alone is perhaps validation of the power the software yields?

The Meeting Room Booking software offers an ideal solution for those looking to efficiently manage meeting rooms of any type (conference rooms, clinical rooms, sports facilities) and other resources (hot desks), for either single or multiple site operations.

Strengths can be found in the intelligent system interfaces that extend product use and reach throughout an organisation. Its depth can be easily identified in the wealth of features and functions it handles with simplicity and accuracy.

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How it works

One of the great benefits the Meeting Room Booking system offers, is its ability for end-users to view availability of rooms and resources via a simple WEB-based booking interface. Utilising the WEB interface, users can:

  • View Meeting Room Availability (Both Search And Grid View Modes)
  • View Meeting Room Seating Plans
  • View Meeting Room Information (Contents)/Pictures
  • Attach Requirements (Catering, Equipment And Visitors)
  • Request Or Booking A Room
  • Repeat Meeting Room Requests Or Bookings

Systems administrators have full control over the data contained within the system. Using the Core interface, administrators can:

  • Add Meeting Rooms And Other Resources
  • Block Or Remove Meeting Rooms
  • Configure Advanced Meeting Room Booking Restrictions
  • Approve Meeting Room Booking Requests
  • Issue Email Confirmations And Clarifications
  • Produce Utilisation And Requirements Reports
  • Manually Adjust Each Meeting Room Booking
  • Produce Invoicing For External Charging

Simple Meeting Room Booking workflow...

CAFM Meeting Room Booking Software Workflow Step One
CAFM WEB facilites and service management meeting room booking software
Booking Initiated (WEB)
CAFM Meeting Room Booking Software Workflow Step Two
CAFM administration facilites and service management meeting room booking software
Booking Managed (Core)
CAFM Meeting Room Booking Software Workflow Step Three
CAFM GO MOBILE facilites and service management  meeting room booking software
Room Setup task (MOBILE)
configurable against advanced business rules

Who uses Meeting Room Booking Software?

Many employees find themselves in the difficult position of locating suitable meeting rooms. When wandering the halls and corridors they will often find rooms which have bookings associated, but are left vacant. This is a common situation and one that forces employees to locate resources elsewhere, often at an expense to the business. Meanwhile the vacant meeting room will continue to consume energy for heating and lighting etc.

For today’s Facilities Manager, every square inch of space is important. With an estimated 45% of space being vacant at any time, the Meeting Room Booking system offers an ideal software solution to help Facilities Managers manage space more efficiently. To aid cost savings for unused space, the system introduces automatic task creation for meeting room setup/closedown, along with automatic emails reminders to ensure booked meeting rooms are still required. These two features alone ensure the system is an ideal solution for Facilities Managers to proactively support their Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Whilst Facilities Managers may benefit from the high-level resource management information and control the system offers, end-users can benefit from the hassle free and rapid approach of booking meeting rooms via a simple 24/7 WEB based portal.

The identification of usage patterns and trends through the Meeting Room Booking software module will enable informed planning for future space development. Tabs CAFM really does provide the most comprehensive tool for space booking.

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Tight integration with other modules provides a streamlined approach to data management for Meeting Room Bookings. The Meeting Room Booking system integrates with the following modules for a complete end-to-end booking solution.

Key Features

  • Flexible, Scalable & Customisable
  • Increase Service Offering with a Professional Application
  • Attach Advanced Requirements (Catering, Equipment & Visitors)
  • Reduce Energy Usage to Support Carbon Reduction Committments
  • Enables Recharging & Cost Management
  • Never Double Book Resources
  • Automatic Email Notifications
  • Management Reporting Tools Included for Resource Analysis
  • Intuitive, Efficient, Effective Solution
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
  • CAFM Conference Meeting Room Booking Facilities Management SoftwareRoom
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