Catering Booking CAFM Software for facilities management

Catering Booking Software

With the ability to upload full catering menus including building specific business rules/limitations, it's easy to see why Tabs CAFM is the chosen solution for many facilities and catering managers.

The Catering Booking software is offered as a standalone Catering Booking solution, or integrated seamlessly with the Meeting Room Booking module, for a centralised and controlled user experience.

The WEB interface provides an ideal route for end-users to make Catering Bookings, with options for administrators to process each booking via the Core management console.

integration with meeting room booking

Who Uses Catering Booking Software?

The Tabs CAFM Catering Booking software is generally used by Facilities and Catering Managers. The software offers control over all catering requirements and comprises of a WEB interface for end-users to request catering as part of a Meeting Room Booking or submit standalone catering booking requests.

Catering booking requests are processed or restricted in accordance with business rules. These rules many include limitations based on time of day, building and required preparation time.

Facilities and Catering Managers are provided with access to a catering delivery system and an array of catering specific reports, to help organise the current day and future catering requirements.

configurable against business rules


Catering Booking integrates with Meeting Room Booking for a complete management process.

Key Features

  • Apply Business Rules by Item & Site
  • Never Over Book Catering
  • Easily Keep Track of Bookings
  • Cost Control & Recharging Facilities
  • Flexible, Scalable & Customisable
  • Ideal for Internal Operations & Service Providers
  • Efficient & Managed Solution
  • Intelligent Cross-Module Integration
  • Keep Catering Departments Informed of Bookings & Changes
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
  • CAFM Conference Meeting Room Booking Facilities Management SoftwareCatering
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