Health and safety (H&S) Auditing CAFM Software for facilities management

Health & Safety Auditing Software

Designed to provide a technical solution to support NHS Cleaning Standards, our flexible H&S Auditing module provides a professional and efficient solution to completing estates audits of various types. The Tabs CAFM H&S Auditing module offers a facility to create multiple audits of any type, covering audits such as NHS Cleaning Standards, Efficacy Audits, Security Audits Etc.

Creating audits is simpleā€¦users simply upload property locations, providing core information such as associated building, functional risk rating, location code, location type, room number floor, and description.
Audit questions are highly customisable, including options for:

  • Question responsibility (i.e. Cleaning, Nursing, Estates, Security Etc)
  • Question responses (i.e. supporting notes, photos)
  • Question answer types, scoring and colouring
  • Question exclusions based on location types

One of the key features around question configuration is the option to generate remedial tasks based on the answers given, tying the module into our Reactive/Helpdesk Module for a completely rounded auditing and maintenance solution.

The frequency of audits, target scoring and functional risk ratings are also highly configurable, supporting options for both highest risk or blended target scores and star rating methods.

The system is automated and generates a series of audit tasks to complete, which can be completed via iOS and Android MOBILE apps. Providing auditors with MOBILE technology to complete audits and feed data back into the system for management reporting, audit matrix’s and dashboard reporting...ideal for NHS ERIC information return.

complete MOBILE auditing solution

Who uses Health & Safety Auditing?

Anyone within your organisation can utilise the H&S auditing module. Designed around the NHS Cleaning Standards for premises and efficacy auditing, the solution is flexible to support the custom creation of any type of audit. Using MOBILE technology, audits can be completed at each location and questions asked.

flexible auditing capability

Key Features

  • Efficient & Intelligent Question Structure
  • Create audits Of Various Types
  • Consistent & Accurate Data Collection Method
  • Controlled Resolution Task Management
  • Multi-Site Capability
  • Dashboards, Reports and Audit Matrix
  • Manage Location Functional Risk Rating
  • Ideal for NHS Cleaning Standards Audit ad Efficacy Audit
  • H&S NHS Cleaning Standards Auditing SoftwareHealth & Safety
technically advanced, functionally brilliant