Tabs FM CAFM Software for facilities management

What Is Tabs CAFM?

Tabs CAFM is a Computer-Aided Facilities Management software system, providing Facilities, Estates and Service Management industries with a trusted and robust software package to efficiently manage people, places and processes. Tabs CAFM provides the perfect platform to consolidate and coordinate multiple Facilities, Estates or Service Management disciplines into a single centralised solution, providing detailed insight into your operations. Built using scalable modular architecture, Tabs CAFM software offers great flexibility and scope to expand the system into other areas of your operations to further centralise processes through a single, powerful management console.

With a vast array of modules to select from, and various user interfaces to choose based on your requirements, the product is truly scalable and able to support your budget and operational requirements. Simply pick your modules, add the interfaces you need and any user licences, then decide whether you want a cloud based solution or on-premise system. We’ll provide all the professional services you need to ensure your maximise the return on your investment.

Build your own solution

Step 1

Pick Your Modules

You can add more at anytime

Step 2

Add User Interfaces

WEB, Go, DIU, View, Accounts

Step 3

Add User Licences

Required for Core & Go Interfaces only

Step 4

Choose Deployment

On-Premise or Hosted

Module Groups


Our maintenance modules can revolutionise the way you manage your properties. Imagine having all your maintenance tasks organised in one place, to ensure you are on top of your SLAs and property compliance. Say goodbye to missed appointments and overlooked repairs. With features like vendor management and asset tracking, you can ensure that your properties are well-maintained and running smoothly.

Detailed reports and dashboards give you valuable insights into your maintenance operations, profitability and compliance, helping you make informed decisions. Tabs CAFM is also an integrated partner of SFG20, ensuring you are working to industry standards. Invest in Tabs CAFM's property maintenance software today and watch your efficiency soar!

Resource Booking

Our resource booking modules is a game-changer for organisations looking to optimise their resource management. Picture a seamless system that allows you to efficiently schedule and manage shared resources like meeting rooms, equipment, car park spaces and transport bookings. Say goodbye to double bookings, confusion, and wasted resources. With our resource booking software, you can easily check availability, book resources in advance, and ensure smooth coordination among teams. With our resource booking software, you can easily check availability, book resources in advance, and ensure smooth coordination among teams.

Increase productivity, reduce conflicts, streamline your operations and analyse data with this powerful tool

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety modules are a vital tool for organisations committed to ensuring the well-being of their employees and maintaining compliance with safety regulations. Imagine having a comprehensive system that centralises all your health and safety data, from incident reporting and risk assessments to training records and safety inspections. With H&S software, you can proactively identify hazards, track corrective actions, and monitor safety performance in real-time. Stay ahead of potential risks, promote a culture of safety, and demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being with this powerful software.

our new H&S Audting module provides a perfect solution for NHS organisations to carryout and manage NHS Cleaning Standards and Efficacy audits


Our finance modules are key tools for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations and make informed decisions. Imagine having a powerful tool that automates your manages job profitability, tracks expenses, manages invoices, manages quotes, and provides real-time financial insights.

With our finance modules, you can improve accuracy, reduce manual errors, and gain a clear overview of your financial health. From budgeting and forecasting to financial reporting and compliance, our software will empower you to take control of your finances and drive business growth.

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