What Is Tabs Exchange integration?

Tabs Exchange offers a new dimension and an enhanced user experience to TabsCAFM. By integrating with your Microsoft Exchange server, TabsCAFM can automatically view colleague availability and issue Outlook Calendar appointments to select individuals.

Through Tabs Exchange, your contacts (clients, colleagues and contractors) benefit from having live appointments scheduled into their Outlook Calendars. This approach helps improve your customer service offering, by keeping your contacts informed of pending appointments to aid their time management.

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Who Uses Tabs Exchange?

Providers Maintenance/Site Services or Internal Facilities/Estates Management Departments may benefit from the Tabs Exchange integration solution. The simplistic and intelligent approach of the Exchange integration makes it an ideal solution to streamline workflow and enhance customer service experience from reactive/planned maintenance and room booking perspectives.

Reactive/Planned Maintenance

Tabs Exchange enables TabsCAFM to automatically issue Outlook Calendar appointments to workers (i.e. direct labour or external contractors) or customers whenever jobs are released.

Intelligence built within the solution enables administrators to configure and determine who should receive Outlook Calendar appointments and for which type of job Outlook Calendar appointments should be issued, making it a fantastic and controlled solution for maintenance providers/departments.

Meeting Room Booking

Tabs Exchange is a great solution for the management of meeting rooms by enabling the ability to issue Outlook Calendar appointments to colleagues, delegates, hosts and visitors upon submission of a room booking.

Any named individual against a room booking can be automatically issued with an Outlook Calendar appointment so they are kept informed of when and where their meetings are due. This excellent customer service approach enables real-time meeting room information, without requiring system access.

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