Accident and Inciden H&S CAFM Software for facilities management

Accident/Incident Reporting Software

The health & safety Accident and Incident Reporting software module intelligently combines accidents and incidents into a single, managed application. The system architecture helps direct reported occurrences down the correct path as either an accident or incident (security issues, near misses etc) to collect related information.

Using the same intelligently designed forms as to those on the WEB system, the flow of information ensures you capture every aspect of the accident/dangerous occurrences.

All accident/incident reports are easily monitored via the main Core application to support measures to prevent further incidences.

combined accident and incident management

Who uses Accident and Incident?

With intelligent routing of Accidents and Incidents, anyone involved in the Health & Safety of staff or visitors will benefit from the advanced functionality this solution will offer the organisation.

efficient accident management solution

Key Features

  • Efficient & Intelligent Question Structure
  • Capture All Dangerous Occurrence Details
  • Consistent & Accurate Data Collection Methods
  • Controlled Prevention/Resolution Task Management
  • Multi-Site Capability
  • Centralised Repository for Claim Compliance
  • Identify Trends & Reduce Further Risk
  • Cut Reporting & Processing Times
  • Extendable Across WEB and MOBILE Interfaces (Optional)
  • dangerous Occurrence accident Facilities Management SoftwareAccident &
technically advanced, functionally brilliant