About Tabs FM Limited

Established in 1992, Tabs FM Limited has grown organically from originally providing a trusted Asset Management and Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T) service, to what is today a leading provider of advanced Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems and other supporting services. The inspiration of TabsCAFM came from a major client who commissioned the development of software system to assist with the management of the day-to-day activities of a challenging Facilities Management department. This was the birth of TabsCAFM software. A product which started life as Asset Management and P.A.T solution, now spans a fantastic array of modules that have each been specifically designed to support the operations Facilities Management departments and that of Services Providers.

The Tabs FM Limited tag line '...more than just software' suggests that strengths are to be found on many levels. One of the many strengths is our willingness to listen and support our clients through collaborative working. Many of the ideas, thoughts and recommendations gained from market research and client discussions, are fed into the central TabsCAFM application that shares its benefits throughout our entire client base. Tabs FM Limited have been working collaboratively with its client base since 1992, culminating in one of the most comprehensive, robust and technically advanced Facilities, Estates and Asset Service Management software solutions in today’s competitive market.

What do we do?

At its core, Tabs FM Limited develop, supply and support one of the UKs most technically and functionally advanced Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software systems. Boasting a flexible portfolio of modules, analytical reporting tools, integration solutions, mobile (Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) and web systems, we offer an effective end-to-end software solution for both internal Facilities Management departments and Service Providers.

Our TabsCAFM software is developed to meet the business needs of our clients and comprise of intuitive, thoughtfully researched CAFM solutions. Highly scalable and configurable, TabsCAFM offers a consistent and robust models for Facilities and Estates Teams, together with models for providers of maintenance services to multiple clients.

TabsCAFM is a comprehensive suite of software modules that are often purchased as a standalone software package. Our software modules are grouped by four categories for which you can build a custom software package based on your needs. It's quite easy to add additional software modules to support future requirements.

who uses TabsCAFM ?

Today's Facilities Manager or Service Provider is expected to support and influence the core business by contributing towards the bottom line. To achieve this, focus is targeted on reducing costs and improving productivity, capacity and company image. Our systems support you in delivering to these expectations.

We develop and deliver software solutions to manage all aspects of Facilities and Estates Management. This includes Maintenance Management, Resource Booking, Health and Safety Systems, Support Systems, Web Systems, Mobile Systems and Client Relationship Management.

Whether you use an internal model to manage your own premises or a service provider model to manage multiple clients, we will facilitate logging, tracking and financial detail of all Reactive, Planned and Project tasks.

We will help you manage Performance and Client Relationship through a visually pleasing and flexible modular product. You will find multiple options for Management Reporting and real time Dashboard views to analyse business operations and quality of service.

Our products are intuitive, robust, scalable and always working towards new and innovative ways to make your life easier. Our flexible systems mean we can support and deliver solutions to a diverse client base, from public, private and non-profit organisations. These include but are note limited to:

  • Service Providers
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Local Government & Public Sector Organisations
  • NHS & Healthcare
  • Sports Arenas & Venues
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Production & Manufacture
  • Legal & Finance
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Leisure, Hotels and Catering
  • Business & Science Parks

Our Philosophy

We always welcome new partners to the Tabs fold. Many of our new clients are referred by existing TabsCAFM users which we find both complimentary and rewarding.

Collaboration - Of course, we are extremely proud of our technical achievements to date but also realise that we can never stand still, constantly striving to provide excellent solutions. In order to meet your objectives, we like to become an extended part of your team. Understanding from the inside helps us to deliver solutions that make a difference. Interestingly, our clients seem to enjoy being an extension of our team.

Communication is key - We frequently entertain visitors, hosting development and strategy sessions to address business goals. Our clients enjoy a collaborative approach, our frequent Forum Groups offering a perfect vehicle to address challenges away from their everyday environment. These events are great for us all. We enjoy opportunities to turn thoughts and ideas into reality.

So, we have a mixture of superb software together with a healthy customer relationship ethic. It is a combination that works, and will continue to work, extremely well.

Most of our clients tell us

"TabsCAFM product has great power and scope but is really easy to use." Certainly this is a common theme and a system attribute that is widely appreciated. The power comes from years of market led development. Ease-of-use, consistency and predictability are central to our design principles.

"TabsCAFM is a flexible and versatile system." Flexibility equals strength. Our software is highly configurable and works equally well for "in house" Facilities and Estates Teams as for providers of FM services to multiple clients. Our approach is always client focussed.

All management systems, web portals and mobile solutions are written internally by the Tabs FM team. Not having to rely on third parties gives us the freedom to respond to client demands quickly and with precision.

We plan to grow, embrace new technology and support your client base or organisation in their endeavours to provide the highest possible standard of support and service.

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