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Project Management Software

The Project Management module tightly integrates with the Reactive Maintenance (Help Desk) and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) systems, enabling the efficient management of multiple jobs that form a live project.

Jobs of any kind may be linked together to create a Project. This in turn allows you to track labour costs, material usage, expenses, Sub Contractor costs and the like, using the standard reports that Tabs CAFM provides.

Graphical summary screens allow you to see at a glance the progress of a Project. Reminders can be set to help you plan your work.

All this information centralised within one system where the data is quickly available without having to switch between applications and without the hassle of managing multiple computer systems to satisfy your FM or contractual needs.

Essentially, the Project Management System enables users to view umbrella information, while still providing access to the fine detail. It is an ideal solution for managing the various live tasks for building or installation projects.

intelligent project management

Who uses Project Management Software?

The Project Management system is a great solution to manage project progression and costs of any project, whilst provided tools to analyse project profitability and resource utilisation.

At its core, the Project Management software is designed to support administration teams, project/contract managers with the necessary tools to manage project progression and adjust tasks in response to changes within a project.

Finance managers or senior management may also benefit from using the system as a means of viewing internal costs and project profitability.

progression and profitability visibility


The Project Management system provides a central gateway to source information contain within other modules...including:

Key Features

  • Holistical & GANTT Views of Projects
  • Analyse Cost & Performance
  • Clear & Concise Project Progression Visibility
  • Utilise Document Depository
  • Integration with Maintenance Modules
  • Drill through to Individual Tasks
  • Easily Update Critical Details
  • Increase Productivity
  • Fast & Accurate Project Reports
  • Intelligent Automatic Project Creation
  • CAFM/CMMS Project Facilities Management SoftwareProject
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