Facilities, Estates & Property Management CAFM/CMMS Software for the Education Sector

Tabs FM have been supplying advanced Facilities, Estates and Property Management (CAFM/CMMS) software to the Education Sector since 1992. Offering a unique blend of client collaboration, customer care and industry experience, it’s easy to understand why Tabs FM is one of the chosen providers of CAFM/CMMS software for Schools, Academies and Colleges across the UK.

Schools, Academies and Colleges often approach us for our unique software following client recommendations or previous experience with Tabs FM. Perhaps this proves our strength in delivering solutions to the Education Sector? Or maybe it’s because of our product passion and solid understanding of the struggles faced by Facilities/Estates departments based on years of experience working with Schools, Academies and Colleges?

Our experience working within the Education Sector ensures a continuous and high level of confidence and reassurance to any Facilities/Estates departments on the verge of procuring a CAFM/CMMS software solution for their School, Academy or College.

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Software Modules for Schools, Academies and Colleges

The Tabs CAFM modular structure offers scalability and flexibility enabling it to adapt perfectly to support the different requirements of varying Facilities/Estates Departments. In general Schools, Academies and Colleges will often approach us for the following range (or a combination) of our core modules.

A selection of the top modules used by our education clients include ...

A large footfall of students on campus will inevitably lead to an increase in site maintenance. This module offers control and organisation of all reactive/helpdesk type maintenance tasks (blocked toilets, burst pipes, flickering lights and broken windows…sound familiar?).

Any scheduled/repetitive maintenance tasks can be managed through this module. Often to support statutory compliance, the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) module supports many halls of learning with an efficient and affective route to manage all pre-planned maintenance activities ensuring campus safety whilst optimising asset lifecycle.

Every School, Academy or College will have a copious amount of assets. These may range from furniture (desks, chairs), IT equipment (Laptops, Projectors, iPad), sporting equipment or M&E assets (Boilers, Radiators, AHU’s etc). Knowing the location, quantity, value and usage of these assets is a great knowledge to have.

Our clients tend to utilise the Room Booking module to coordinate the booking of Halls, Conference Rooms and Sport Facilities (Tennis Court, Football Pitches etc). This allows users to efficiently manage each booking and cost as an additional a revenue boost. Add on the Catering and Equipment modules to extend the system further with ease.

In today’s world, additional revenue streams are important. Many Schools, Academies and Colleges are utilising their prestigious surroundings to host various types of events (Training, Forums, Exhibitions, Fares, Weddings etc) to gain extra revenue. To support our clients, we have developed an Event Booking system that coordinates the various facets (Rooms, Catering, Equipment etc) involved with such events into a centralised and easy-to-use solution.

Most Schools, Academies and Colleges have one for more bookable transport vehicles. The Transport Booking will enable users to see vehicle availability (i.e. mini busses, pool cars etc) and book available resources. Add on the Fleet Management module for further vehicle management.

Any accidents to staff or students can be managed through this application, including follow up investigation details and preventative measures taken.

In addition to those great CAFM modules noted above, there are many more modules that you can bolt-on at anytime. Visit our great selection of CAFM Software modules here or contact us for further information or a FREE demonstration.


"The reactive maintenance element has enabled us to respond to works requests more efficiently and to provide more effective monitoring and data analysis." - A.Brodie - City of Wolverhampton College

"Tabs FMs experienced consultancy teams helped guide us through the implementation process, offering support and practical advice every step of the way. The system helps us to streamline operations and identify cost saving measures, yielding great efficiency and financial benefits for the College." - S.McGarrigle - Newham College of Further Education

"The flexibility of Tabs Systems has enabled the Estates team to coordinate multiple activities through a single application. We also benefit from use of the WEB portal, which allows users to submit and view maintenance requests and room bookings, amongst offering other great functionality." - P.White - West Lothian College

"The system is extremely user friendly and has improved not only our response times to ‘maintenance requests’ but also our ability to both record and analyse this workload" - K.Stock - Peterhouse College Cambridge

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