Transport CAFM Software for facilities management

Transport Booking Software

The Tabs CAFM Transport Booking system allows for the booking of pool cars, mini buses, coaches or any other vehicle types. Bookings can be made by a powerful WEB interface, with each request being reviewed and controlled by a Facilities or Service department.

The Transport Booking system is an ideal solution to help manage all vehicles and utilisation, whilst preventing over booking and improving efficiency.

never double booking vehicles

Who uses Transport Booking Software?

The Tabs CAFM Transport Booking is used by Facilities or Estates Management teams to co-ordinate pool car/vehicle requirements of employees. The product is used across varying organisations (local governments, schools, colleges and commercial clients) as a means to efficiently manage shared vehicles.

Users of the WEB interface benefit from a simple and easy-to-use interface to request vehicle bookings. All booking requests are processed by a centralised management team, issuing confirmation emails for each accepted booking.

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Key Features

  • Manage & Track Vehicle Usage
  • Ideal In-House Resource Management Solution
  • Record All Company Owned or Hired Vehicles
  • Calculate Costs & Recharging
  • Generate, Print, Export & Email Reports
  • Configurable to Business Rules
  • Maximise Vehicle Utilisation
  • Never Double Book Resources
  • Low Cost & Efficient Management Tool
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
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