Dashboard Reporting CAFM Software for facilities management


Our dashboard module is a highly visual, graphical representation of the key data within your business via a real-time digital charts. Integrated within the CORE interface, you will enjoy a real-time view of ordered data drawn from the system and will be able to define and measure relevant feedback to monitor service levels and performance across a range of disciplines.

Clear and easy to interpret overviews can be interrogated further from the graphic screen, enabling users to drill down to fine detail. This facilitates dynamic management of potential problem areas and ensures that vital information is always available to key staff.

Visually impressive, infinitely practical and technically advanced, View is a perfect example of form following function, the objective of all great design.

visually impressive live data view

Who uses Dashboard Software?

The Dashboard module is a perfect tool for monitoring, raising trend awareness and strategic planning. Therefore its users are wide and varied.

Whether you wish to deliver the Dashboard application as means to monitor your internal or departmental service or as a tool for your clients to witness real-time performance, it’s up to you. View can be configured to display any information you wish to display. This provides the perfect gateway for Senior Management, or Customers, to access key information regarding your performance and service offering.

WEB accessible for customers & management

Key Features

  • Advanced Visual Reporting Tool
  • Easily Monitor Performance & Trends
  • Analyse Inefficiencies to Improve Service
  • Make Informed Decisions Based on Facts
  • Quick Identification of Correlations
  • Align Targets & Strategies
  • Generate & Examine Statistics Data
  • Review Live Data Streams
  • Reduce Administrative Duties
  • Cost Analysis Management
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technically advanced, functionally brilliant