SIGNAGE provides real-time conference room booking information via tablet devices located outside conference rooms. SIGNAGE screens allow users to view booking information and confirm attendance, or create new room bookings using touch screen devices.

Fully configurable to support corporate branding, SIGNAGE screens allow room booking hosts to confirm attendance and start meetings using a simple and easy to use digital signage solution. Rooms can be automatically released if attendance is not confirmed within an allotted time period. Non-attendance reports are provided to system administrators to monitor and manage non-attendance and optimise room utilisation.

maximise space utilisation

Key Features

  • Sign In/Out Of Meeting Rooms
  • Touch Screen Booking Creation
  • Quick to Install
  • User-Friendly Configuration
  • Fully Web Based
  • Screen Responsive for Supporting Any Screen Resolution
  • Automatically Release Rooms for Non-Attended Events
  • Optimise Room Utilisation
  • Custom Branding Configuration
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