Equipment Booking CAFM Software for facilities management

Equipment Booking Software

"Does your system prevent the double booking of equipment and other resources?" It’s a question that is frequently asked by Facilities Managers. The answer is YES!

Tabs CAFM comprises of a solution to assist in the management of equipment, preventing over/double booking of vital resources. End-users are safe in the knowledge the equipment they’ve booked is available, and will be delivered.

Equipment can take many forms, including conferencing equipment, health & safety equipment, clinical equipment, office equipment, sports equipment and more. Integrating your entire stock of bookable items into a central and easy-to-use solution makes common sense.

never double book equipment

Who Uses Equipment Booking Software?

Equipment Booking is used by anyone looking to manage internal booking resources/equipment. The system is generally used as a standalone solution or as a bolt-on to the Meeting Room Booking system, to provide a centralised booking process for equipment and other resources.

Equipment requirements can be emailed to porterage departments or if there are multiple porterage departments perhaps based on different sites, multiple emails can be sent out. Alternatively Porterage can have access to Tabs CAFM so that they have real time access to the daily, weekly or monthly requirements.

Equipment Booking reports can be printed, emailed or faxed with consummate ease.

CAFM facilties management equipmnent booking software
configurable against business rules


Equipment Booking integrates with Meeting Room Booking for a complete management process.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface for Enriched User Experience
  • Apply Business Rules by Item & Site
  • Prevent Over Booking Equipment
  • Catalogue All Equipment Items
  • Cost Control & Recharging Facilities
  • Flexible, Scalable & Customisable
  • Ideal for Internal Operations & Service Providers
  • Efficient & Managed WEB Enabled Solution (Optional)
  • Intelligent Cross-Module Integration
  • Advise Porters of Equipment Requirements
  • CAFM Equipment Booking Facilities Management SoftwareEquipment
technically advanced, functionally brilliant