Portable Appliance Testing CAFM Software for facilities management

P.A.T Testing Software

What is PAT testing? It’s the testing of all portable electrical appliances to ensure they are safe for use.

The approach of Tabs CAFM is to provide a one-stop software solution Facilities and Estates Management. With Facilities and Estates Managers having a responsibility for the safety of all bodies on site, PAT testing is undoubtedly an area that should be monitored closely. Therefore incorporating a solid PAT testing system into Tabs CAFM software makes perfect sense.

This system integrates fully with the Asset Tracking, Client Register and Property Register modules to save duplication of information and to ensure your Asset maintenance history is maintained fully.

safety management of electrical devices

Who uses P.A.T Testing?

P.A.T Testing Software is generally used with the Facilities Management arena to regulate and monitor the performance and quality of portable applicances. Regular quality recording and safety testing of portable applicances ensure compliance against health and safety legislation for the safety of both employees and visitors. Tabs CAFM provideds the tool to accurately capture safety results, with routes to dispose of unsafe items.

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The P.A.T Testing solution integrates with:

Key Features

  • Build & Maintain Safety Records
  • Import/Download PAT Data from a Range of Testers
  • Professional Customer Service Tool
  • Instant Results Transfer from Field Engineers to Back Office
  • Easy-to-Use Software Application
  • Comprehensive PAT Management Tool
  • Print, Export or Email Reports
  • Supports Manual Entry Results
  • Integration with Asset Register
  • Portable appliance testing PAT Facilities Management SoftwareP.A.T
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