Contract Management CAFM Software for facilities management

Contract Management Software

The Contract Management System allows you to keep an accurate record of all your contracts and their associated values. Linking in with the Contractor and Asset registers, each contract can be assigned to individual contractors and also linked to particular assets.

Via the solution, you will be able to schedule contract start/end dates, review dates, plan site visits, identify end dates and much more.

Contractual visits can automatically be created in the Reactive Maintenance diary or the Visitor Booking system with ease. All dates are clearly displayed on a calendar, which has a variety of view modes. Appointments scheduled for each day can be easily reviewed by selecting the required day on the calendar. In addition, the system will automatically remind you when visits and contract review dates are approaching.

simple, intuitive Contract Management

Who uses Contract Management Software?

Departments that management multiple contracts with third party suppliers can benefit from this solution. If you have contracts with providers of asset maintenance, grounds maintenance, cleaning services or more, you can benefit from the contract solution. Simply schedule the contract start and end date, cost, supplier and then pre-book visits from your contractor into the Reactive Maintenance or Visitor Management systems. All information contained within the system can be accessed easily through logically planned screens and intelligent reports.

controlled contract visibility


The Contract Management system integrates tightly with a range of modules for a complete management solution.

Key Features

  • Increase Contract Renewal Rates through Visibility
  • Schedule Contractual and Customer Service Visits
  • Easily Identify Contracts Nearing or Exceeding Expiration
  • Associated Assets to Contracts
  • Utilise Contract Document Depository
  • Evaluate Live Contract Budgets & Costs
  • Generate Reports
  • Easy-to-use and Intuitive Interface
  • Increase Survey Efficiency & Productivity
  • Life Cycle Contract Management
  • Contract Management SoftwareContract
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