General Survey Software

Surveys, Inspections, Audits, Questionnaires….whatever term you use, the General Survey module is sure to provide a unique and powerful solution to support your operational requirements.

The intelligent solution empowers service providers and internal management teams with an essential tool to complete field surveys for any type of inspection or questionnaire. Perhaps you need a solution to assess the performance of a cleaning contractor, or maybe a system to capture data sets against maintenance jobs. Whatever your requirement, this highly configurable system is sure to satisfy your needs.

General Survey provides the ability to build surveys, inspections and audit questionnaires of any type, offering a seamless and professional solution to data capture with endless possibilities. To get started, simply create a new survey and add your question sets. At question level, you can define scoring ratios and also sub-questions based on answers provided.

Surveys, Inspections, Audits, Questionnaires

Who uses General Survey Software?

General Survey can be used by anyone looking to capture information based on a series of pre-defined questions and sub-questions. The system was initially designed as an auditing tool to monitor the performance of cleaning contractors. However, the flexible design supports a much greater and diverse use, enabling unlimited surveys to the be created for Performance Management, Internal Audits, Satisfaction Questionnaires, Data Capture and more.

General Survey does not necessarily need to be utilised as a standalone solution. By integrating with the Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) modules, you can efficiently and accurately capture information associated to maintenance tasks. Combining the General Survey module with the Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) modules goes beyond the boundaries of user expectations.

pushing the boundaries of expectations

TabsMobile Mobile Software

Looking for something a little special? no problem. General Survey features heavily on our Mobile mobile software. Here, survey results can be captured in the field using a mobile device and transmitted instantly back to the main Core application. As an added treat, you can also email a completed survey report direct to your clients or senior management.

intelligent field based solution


General Survey offers superb routes for integration with key maintenance modules.

Key Features

  • Create Professional Surveys, Inspections, Audits or Questionnaires
  • Flexible and Highly Configurable
  • Apply Intelligent Sub-Questioning Based On Answers
  • Manage Performance Using Built in Scoring Mechanisms
  • Associate Surveys to Maintenance Tasks
  • Capture Responses in the field using mobile technology
  • Email Survey Reports
  • Export Reports to Excel
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