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Employee Expenses Software

Employee Expenses software is a great solution for those looking to streamline the management of employee expenses. All personal monetary claims by employees should be managed in a controlled environment, to ensure that claims are dealt with in a professional manner.

Integrating tightly with the Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) modules, the Employee Expenses system enables employees to record any type of expense and associate it direct to a maintenance job. Employee Expenses associated to jobs are automatically pushed back to the respective job for internal cost management.

The Employee Expenses system completes the final stage in the financial management process.

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Who uses Employee Expenses Software?

Parking Tickets, Toll Charges, Mileage, Public Transport, Accommodation, Goods/Services Purchase are classic examples of typical expenses you can manage through the Employee Expenses solution.

With all employee expenses captured in a central software system, accounts teams can quickly identify employee expenses and manage reimbursements for any costs incurred, quickly and easily.

The Employee Expenses solution also serves as a great tool to support financial audits. Should your accounts team e visited by auditors, you can rest safe in the knowledge all your employee expenses have been managed efficiently and accurately.

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Employee Expenses solution integrates with the following modules:

Key Features

  • Manage Travel, Mileage & Other Expenses
  • Simple to use
  • Populate Directly from Credit Card Statements
  • Integrates with Major Financial Software Packages
  • Gain Control of Employee Expenses
  • Improve Expense Processing Time
  • Analyse & Reduce Claims
  • Flexible & Scalable Management System
  • Enables Multiple Entries
  • Integrates with Reactive Maintenance for Claim Verification
  • Employee Expenses Management SoftwareEmployee
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