Property Management Software

Within TabsCAFM exists a powerful Property Management system targeted at keeping accurate records and detailed information on properties. This information is shared throughout the TabsCAFM system where ever pertinent. This follows the central theme of have one truly integrated system where all common information is shared. This approach reduces duplication and errors, making life easier for all involved in the software.

The Property Management software module offers a vast array of fields for capture detail property information, including, but not limited to:

  • Address and Region Information
  • Property Contacts
  • Lease and Financial Information
  • Supplier and Local Authority Information
  • Photos and Documents
  • Access Information
  • Location Details (rooms, hallways etc)
CAFM Facilities Management Property Recording Software
centralise property information

Who uses Property Management Software?

The Property Management solution is a software module that reaches across all areas of the TabsCAFM system. Property details added into the central register appear in supporting modules where required. Therefore, many users may benefit from the solution, not just those focusing on finite property informaton.

Key users of the Property Management solution are those looking to capture high-level property information for real-estate management. This maybe local government, housing associations, schools, multi property clients.

CAFM Facilities Management Property Recording Software
simple management of real-estate


Property Management integrates with a vast a diverse range of modules, including.

Key Features

  • Manage Property Financials (Lease, Rent and more)
  • Property Valuation & Portfolio Solution
  • Organise Site Contacts & Across Multiple Properties
  • Every Conceivable Data Field Catered for
  • User Definable Fields for Specifics
  • Reporting Solution Included
  • Easily Review/Analyse Property Data across Other Modules
  • Quick Property Locater
  • Links with Mapping Software
  • Tenant & Maintenance Management
  • Property Real Estate Facilities Management SoftwareProperty

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