Enquiry Management CAFM Software for facilities management

Enquiry Management Software

Enquiries and opportunities surround the world of Facilities Management and Service provision. Whether from a commercial perspective or internal interest, enquiry types are vast and varied. Tabs CAFM comprises of an integrated Enquiry Management system to accurately track and manage each enquiry type, from start to finish.

For service providers, typical enquiry types would form the provision of products or services from perspective or existing clients. Enquiries for Facilities Managers may involve managing internal or external party interested in subletting spaces, events, catering or accommodation bookings.

No matter the enquiry type or approach, the Enquiry Management System will provide the platform efficiently manage each enquiry.

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Who uses Enquiry Management Software?

Enquiry Management can be used by both administration and sales teams, as a tool to manage enquiries of various types. Whether looking to manage new leads for business generation, or perhaps manage enquiries regarding departmental services, the Enquiry Management system is a great tool to log the initial enquiry and track it through to completion.

Enquiry Management system offers a solid foundation from which you can easily manage business generation. Enquiries begin with initial contact and information recording. The progression of each enquiry is monitored and tracked via the range of tools available within the Enquiry Management System, including action recording, scheduling of event and production of quotations. Once an enquiry has reached its pinnacle point, further progression can be processed through other Tabs CAFM modules. For example, integration with the Quotation Management system enables quotes to be issued and linked to the originating enquiry. Incoming Purchase Orders (IPO's) can also be associated to an enquiry, along with any supporting documentation.

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Enquiry Management offers superb routes for extension with other key maintenance modules.

Key Features

  • Efficiently manage enquiries of any type
  • Track progression from initiation to completion
  • Integrates seamlessly with other modules
  • Report upon enquiry source and other fields
  • Attach associated documentation
  • Retain communication details
  • Schedule follow up tasks using integrated schedule calendar
  • Extends to quotation system for simplicity
  • Search and retrieve enquiry details instantly
  • Record purchase details
  • Enquiry Service facilities management softwareEnquiry
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