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Absence Management Software

The Workforce Absence Management system provides a centralised calendar where bookings for sickness, holidays and business events can be made. This information is shared throughout Tabs CAFM wherever appropriate. So when a worker is placed on holiday the system compares the availability with jobs booked into the other modules. If there are any conflicts a warning report will be presented showing the conflicts.

Absences maybe requested via the WEB interface for ease-of-use.

Apart from giving you a great tool for recording all absences, this module helps you deal with conflicts before further problems arise.

easy-to-use, minimal training

Who uses Absence Management Software?

With the ability to manage absence of various types (sickness, holidays, training and business events etc), the Workforce Absence Management software is a great tool for Human Resources, Department Heads or Administration teams/Team Leaders to manage workforce absence. This information is shared throughout Tabs CAFM wherever appropriate to manage resources and prevent conflicts.

simple absence management


Absence Management integrates with:

Key Features

  • Prevent Resource Conflicts & Maximise Staff Efficiency
  • Customisable & Easy-to-Use
  • Intelligent Filtering & Report Options
  • Simplify Workforce Absence Management
  • Minimal or No Training Required
  • Quickly & Accurately Capture/Amend Booking Information
  • Securely Management Bookings through Authorisation Procedures
  • Enables Effective Planning & Improve Productivity
  • Employees Benefit from Easy Diary Access
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
technically advanced, functionally brilliant