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With so many moving parts in a Facilities Management or Service Provision operation, complete visibility of tasks and resources is often difficult. Encapsulated within TabsCAFM is a powerful solution that monitors and displays data from various modules via a centralised calendar interface.

The interactive calendar supports advanced functionality, offering users the ability to perform actions on any given task or create new tasks directly from the calendar.

CAFM Facilities Management Software Task Calendar
instant visibility of resources and operations

Who uses Task Calendar Software?

Consolidating and displaying duties into a single calendar provides offers instant visibility of resources and operations. The system is generally utilised by back office administration and management teams, as a tool to manage Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) jobs of engineers, with options of creating and viewing their own internal tasks (Independent Tasks, Purchase Orders, Enquiries etc).

The TabsCAFM Task Calendar software offers instant visibility of tasks using a simple calendar view. Users have the ability to adjust the panels to suit their desired screen layout, apply filters to locate information, utilise ‘drag and drop’ technology and create reminder notifications/alerts.

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TabsMobile Mobile Software

The Mobile mobile app offers a natural extension of the Task Calendar system, enabling users of Mobile mobile application to view and create independent tasks direct from a supported mobile device.

Facilities Management Software CAFM task  mobile calendar
available on iOS, Android and Win 6.5


Task Calendar centralises and displays data from the following modules

Key Features

  • Offers complete visibility of resources
  • Control and maximise resources
  • Supports drag and drop technology
  • Create new independent tasks or linked tasks instantly
  • Automatically extracts information from modules
  • Drill through extracted information
  • Apply real-time task updates from one screen
  • Supports multiple views, filters and layout
  • Prevents over booking resources
  • Integrates seamlessly with other modules
  • task calendar Facilities Management SoftwareTask

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