Taxi Booking CAFM Software for facilities management

Taxi Booking Software

The Tabs CAFM Taxi Booking software is a natural extension to the resource booking systems, adding to the already advanced repository of WEB enabled, self-service tools. The solution offers the ability to request and accept Taxi Bookings with consummate ease, with all details being held in a secure database.

Users and Facilities/Service departments can quickly and easy review all historical records. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly taxi booking requirements may be reviewed at the click of a button. Cost Centre re-charging may be applied where appropriate, and re-charging reports sent to accounts for processing.

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Who uses Taxi Booking Software?

The Tabs CAFM Taxi Booking software is generally used by Facilities Management teams to co-ordinate the taxi booking requirements of clients or employees. Users of the WEB portal benefit from a simple and easy-to-use interface to request transportation collection.

All Taxi Booking requests are processed by a centralised management team, issuing authorisation instructions with specified suppliers.

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Key Features

  • Enhance Customer Service Level and Raise Department Profile
  • Intuitive Online Booking Service for Staff and Customers
  • Improve Data Accuracy
  • Automatic Booking Confirmation Emails
  • Automatic Notification Emails to Suppliers
  • Easy-to-Use Management Solution
  • Complete Control of All Taxi Bookings
  • Efficient & Cost Effective Service
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
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