Car Park Booking CAFM Software for facilities management

Car Park Space Booking Software

Every available space is a valuable resource, car park spaces are no exception. The Car Park Booking system is an ideal solution to manage and maximise external parking spaces, whilst providing a professional customer experience and helping to raise the profile of any Facilities Management department.

Via a simple and intuitive WEB portal, employees or clients can view and request car park spaces for expected visitors. The system does not allow for duplicate or over-lapping bookings.

never double book car park spaces

Who uses Car Park Booking Software?

The Tabs CAFM Car Park Booking software is used by Facilities, Estates or Service Management teams to co-ordinate requests for car park spaces. The product is used across various organisations as a tool to efficiently manage car park spaces for single or multiple sites.

Users of the WEB interface benefit from a simple and easy-to-use interface to view request available spaces. All booking requests are processed by a centralised management team, issuing confirmation emails for each accepted booking.

Management teams have full system access to enable configuration and generate reports on space utilisation.

manage space utilisation

Key Features

  • Simple Allocation of Spaces
  • Never Double Book Parking Spaces
  • Improve Space Utilisation
  • Easy-to-Use Application
  • Minimal Training & Maximum Productivity
  • Enables Departmental Recharging
  • Easily Manage Shared Spaces
  • Professional Interface between Customer & Back Office
  • Email Integration & Reporting Included as Standard
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
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