Posted 22nd October 2013

3 Top Reasons to Use CAFM software

Cost Savings

First and foremost, costs savings is surely the top reason why you should choose a CAFM system to manage your Facilities Management operation. In fact, almost any reason you can think of will indirectly relate to, or provide routes for, cost savings through CAFM utilisation.

Facilities Management is all about managing people, places and processes. Through the use of CAFM software, each of these stages can be managed. At its core, CAFM software is a solution which will help to:

Efficiently controlling and streamlining all aspects of Facilities Management, helps to reduce costs and improve service.


Information visibility and sharing is a key reason why you should use a CAFM system. This is never more so than for organisations that serve multiple national or international locations. By utilising a centralised database structure, all information is captured and networked into a central source which provides complete visibility over all operations from multiple sites. Tools are provided within the CAFM product to generate views and reports on vast quantities of data for analysis and information sharing.

Facilities Management CAFM Data reporting software

Efficiency/Service Improvement

Efficiency benefits come in many forms.  From a maintenance perspective, CAFM systems can be used to plan future resources for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tasks, or balance work schedules for Reactive Maintenance tasks. CAFM can also be used to optimise Asset productivity and maximise life span.

Efficiency also can be achieved through technology, by providing various system access routes (WEB portals or MOBILE CAFM applications) for those not directly involved in the core Facilities Management operation. Technology helps to share information to save on labour resources and improve service offering.

There are many routes in which efficiency can support processes with intend to reduce costs. For example, system automation and notification alerts help ensure activities are acted upon and completed correctly.

Facilities Management MOBILE CAFM software
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