Posted 22nd March 2010

Facilities Management Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of any organisation. Whether your customers are external (clients) or internal (colleagues) is irrelevant. What’s important is how your customers perceive you, your organisation or your department.

By offering excellent levels of customer service, you can build relationships and create a support network which will facilitate a path to your end goals and raise the profile of your operation, products or services.

So how do you go about achieving this?

There are two fundamental aspects to providing an excellent level of customer service. The first and foremost is YOU.

Personal Excellence

Excellence in all we do is borne out of our thoughts and attitudes. We need to be in a high state of resourcefulness in order to make valuable contributions to our own lives and to those we encounter in work or play. The UK economy is becoming more dependant on service roles and for those of us working in these fields, our personal state and levels of resourcefulness are vital.

The softer skills of personal interaction and providing customer service do come more easily to some than others. There are, however, training and coaching methods to help us see the world through a customers eyes. If you were to observe people working in customer service roles, they often enter a communication in defensive mode, particularly if they sense a “complaint.” What if their thinking was automatically changed to “working together” rather than “them and us?” Taking that call then becomes an opportunity, not a chore.

What areas would a customer service coaching course focus on?

The following may provide an agenda:

Building on these areas will help you to build a winning Customer Service team, giving service excellence to both internal and external clients. It may also help them gain more in their lives away from the office.


The second aspect in providing excellent customer service is to implement a secure and fluid business PROCESS. One that can easily be followed, and delivers results.

Achieving this can be through manual/internal processes or through the use of intelligent software systems such as those provided by Tabs FM Limited. Manual processes often work, but intuitive ‘Computer Aided Facilities Management’ (CAFM) software systems can take processes further by providing a professional, accessible, reportable and efficient management tool, helping you to plan the things you can control, react positively and efficiently when required, respond and deliver.

Having an agreed process in place instils confidence in Service Teams and clients alike. It fosters flow, direction, accountability and responsibility.

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