Posted 19th June 2011

A facilities manager's tale

The Facilities Manager sat in his new office for the first time, proud that he had landed his promotion but worried about sourcing a new CAFM Software System to manage his Help Desk, Planned Maintenance tasks, Room Booking, Asset Tracking etc.

He wanted a system to promote great customer service, managing KPI’s and SLA’s. He wanted his team to use MOBILE devices to receive, carry out and close jobs and also to perform Health and Safety Surveys throughout the estate.

He had been on courses and discovered CAFM, CMMS, BMS, IWMS and EMS packages. He knew exactly what he wanted to achieve, but not the best way to achieve it. WEB research had only made his headache worse.

As he sat, head in hands, he suddenly experienced a Eureka moment. He remembered his great mentor from his early days as a Help Desk operator and knew he held a senior position in a huge London business. Yes, that was it; he would call him to ask for guidance.

He got straight through to his old boss and explained his predicament. With no hesitation, his former associate suggested Tabs FM as the best CAFM solution to meet his needs.

He discovered that Tabs Systems were very flexible and could be used as an ‘in house’ model or a ‘multiple client’ management tool.

Tabs Systems would manage Reactive Maintenance, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), Asset Tracking, Project Management, Room/Catering/Equipment Booking, Workforce Diary/Scheduling, Health and Safety functions such as Accident Reporting, P.A.T Testing, Fixed Electrical Testing, Risk Assessments and Permits to Work.

It also offered advanced MOBILE software for field based staff and a WEB/intranet platform as a light application, available to unlimited users to interact with the Management Information System.

It seemed too good to be true. A quick call to the Tabs FM office and our new Facilities Manager felt ten years younger. A presentation of Tabs CAFM solution was arranged, an attractive and comprehensive proposal followed, including an implementation plan forecasting completion and ‘go live’ within six weeks.

The new office suddenly felt more comfortable. Tabs Systems addressed end to end process for all Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tasks. The Health and Safety Manager was ‘over the moon’, (in a safety harness of course) and Concierge staff had an intuitive Room Booking, Car Park Booking, Taxi Booking and Visitor Booking/Badging System to replace their paper based functions.

The Facilities Manager has since been promoted to Facilities Director and recommends Tabs Systems to all who seek his wisdom.

Don’t you just love a happy ending!

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