Posted 23rd March 2012

How to Monitor and Improve Performance

One of the many benefits in the employment of a CAFM system is its ability to provide complete control over an entire Facilities or Service operation. With control comes complete visibility. Through the various methods provided by a CAFM system, data collected can be viewed with ease, empowering any Facilities or Operations Manager with statistical information to help improve performance, efficiency and customer service offering.


Central to retrieving valuable information is the accurate and consistent input of data. Typically, there are several data collection methods employed by CAFM systems to support accurate reporting and process management. You may decide to use some or all of them to collect data. As with any CAFM system, the better the quality of data going in, the better the quality of reporting coming out.

Typical data collection methods include:


The methods set out above focus on collecting data for two key areas of service; Job Performance and Customer Satisfaction. Armed with this vital data, CAFM systems provide access to numerous reports or dashboard views to analyse the information. Standard reports provided by CAFM systems are ideal for presentation/discussion at managerial or client meetings. Should actions be required to improve service offering, you would expect to see a growing trend over time on the level of service provided. Hopefully, in the right direction!

Digital Dashboard Reporting is a relatively new term to the Facilities Management and Service Provider industry. Often sitting outside the core CAFM application, Digital Dashboards provide a detailed analysis tool to drill-through information. Digital Dashboards provide a real-time view of data and is an ideal window in to operations for senior management and/or clients. Presenting data in a logical, easy-to-use and configurable display means users can analyse, extract and address areas of specific interest with ease.


So, given the tools for valid data collection and a variety of reporting tools, we are in a good position to add further quality to our service and enhance performance levels. This critical information will provide an invaluable fact-based resource to help improve performance. The data and reports enable Facilities and Operation Managers to analyse the service and take action. For example:

There are numerous initiatives that can derive from quality data collected. 'Analysis' and 'Action' are the steps required by Facilities or Operation Managers to 'Improve Performance'. TABS systems will provide you with the tools to be pro-active and adjust processes/procedures to continually improve service levels.

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