Posted 16th October 2013

Why you need MOBILE CAFM software

Quick response times from field based maintenance workers, is an essential component of any successful Facilities Management or Facilities Management Service delivery operation. Being able to deliver and receive information quickly and accurately from field operatives, in real-time, is often a dream for many providers of mechanical and electrical (M&E) services. Through utilising MOBILE CAFM software, such providers can improve response times, ensure data accuracy, save money and enhance customer service levels.

MOBILE CAFM software provides field based service engineers with a great array of essential information, including, access to their Reactive Maintenance and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) work schedules, relevant Asset information, client and property information, legislative and supporting documentation all direct from a smartphone or tablet device. This means field engineers are provided accurate and live information instructing where they are to go, who they are to meet, what they are to do and how they are to do it. Through MOBILE CAFM software, engineers can then respond to tasks in the field and transfer the information (responses, labour, materials usage, costs, photos, surveys information) back to the main system for back office management.

Those not utilising MOBILE CAFM software may relate to other common approaches such as emails, phone calls or printed work orders to deliver and receive information. The problem with these approaches is that they are often prone to error, miscommunication and inefficiency.

Nowadays, most large Facilities Management organisations utilise MOBILE CAFM software to send and receive information. Many smaller SME’s are now also embracing this MOBILE data transfer approach. Thanks to a recent influx of low cost, high quality consumer grade MOBILE devices, the return on investment and benefits received through deployment of MOBILE CAFM software is becoming a realisation.

Facilities Management MOBILE CAFM software

Development approaches to MOBILE CAFM software

To deliver MOBILE CAFM software, CAFM software developers normally take one of the following two approaches:

Each approach is not without it’s pros and cons. For example, with option 1, different style sheets can be applied to target the device resolution and adjust the screen accordingly. This means a single application can be easily supported for multiple devices. The downside being that you would need a live connection to the data source to be able to view and update data. Due to the live connection requirement, this approach is sometimes ruled out as many maintenance style jobs are performed in areas of low connectivity (basements, roof tops, client sites etc).

Option 2 requires multiple versions of the application developed specifically for each Operating System. Considering there are many OS’s on the marketing (iOS, Android, Win 7, Win 6.5, Blackberry etc etc) and many resolutions (Smartphone or Tablet), this often means greater support and security concerns for MOBILE CAFM deployment. The benefit however, is that users can download data and respond to information in areas of low connectivity, thus not disrupting the working day.

Where can I get MOBILE CAFM software?

At Tabs FM we push the boundaries of MOBILE CAFM software development by enlarging our portfolio of MOBILE CAFM software applications inline with market and technological trends. We develop and supply a range of MOBILE CAFM software applications for many device types, including rugged Windows MOBILE, Android Smartphones and Apple iOS Smartphone (iPhone) and Tablet (iPad).

Our technically advanced and functionally brilliant MOBILE Facilities Management software ensures that our clients are always at the forefront of CAFM technology. Our MOBILE CAFM software systems comprise of thoughtfully researched solutions, built upon over 20 years MOBILE CAFM software development and Facilities Management industry experience. With operating system specific apps built for Windows MOBILE, Apple iOS and Android, Tabs FM is the UKs most advanced provider of MOBILE CAFM software.

technically advanced, functionally brilliant