IT Support Software

In the drive to provide clients with a truly integrated facilities management software package, Tabs CAFM comprises of a unique IT Support solution designed to aid IT Support Technicians with helpdesk call routing.

Utilising the same infrastructure as the Reactive Maintenance system, and employing the power of a WEB-based client portal, the IT Support module offers a natural extension from a standard Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution. Users of WEB are be provided with a central resource for requesting maintenance jobs, booking rooms, submitting IT Support issues and much more.

IT Technicians are empowered with an advanced management (Core) console, providing essential tools to monitor and track each support call from request, through to completion. Natural extension routes are provided to issue purchase orders for replacement parts or remove stock items from stores…each linked back to a single support call.

Those looking to utilise the product to manage their ‘clients’, have options to create quotations or invoices for completed support calls.

flexible approach for technical support

Who uses IT Support Software?

Whether an in-house IT department or a provider total facilities management services, the IT Support module is a useful module to have in your arsenal. Support calls can easily be logged via the WEB interface, which acts as a central window for facilities management services.

IT Support technicians have high-level access through the Core console to respond, track and monitor support call progression. IT managers have access using real-time analytical/statistical using the View reporting tool.

Natural progression routes are available to raise purchase orders for parts, or perhaps remove items from stock.

For internal operations, you may want to employ departmental recharging using the built in cost centre features. Alternatively, routes are available for quotations and invoicing for providers of IT services.

advanced support management solution


Natural extension routes include...

Key Features

  • Improve Information Flow & Communication
  • Streamline & Enhance Process/Service
  • Automatic Alert & Email Systems
  • Manage Departmental Resources
  • Minimal End-User Training
  • Manage & Monitor Performance (SLA & KPI)
  • Easily Issue Support Tickets
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Supports Ticket Tracking (Internally & End-User)
  • Extendable Across WEB Interface (Optional)
  • IT Support facilities management softwareIT
technically advanced, functionally brilliant